Friday, October 17, 2014

HEAR THIS: Charli XCX is a "London Queen"

Yes, you are definitely a "London Queen", Charli. That's a statement you can take to the bank, especially since it's coming from your resident New York Queen.

While I (and the world) originally pegged her for her dark pop pastiche, Charli XCX is turning into the perfect popstar for 2014, don't you think? "London Queen" is a fab rebel yell -- a little bit Ramones homage, a little bit Marina & The Diamonds (first era, of course), a little crunchy guitar with hand (boom) claps, a lot bit lovely.

Yes, I love "Boom Clap", too but this Charli is the one I really adore. I feel like this is the kind of real rallying cry that Taylor Swift was trying to do with "Shake It Off", but ends up feeling so much more organic here.

"London Queen" is one of the newest morsels unveiled from Charli's upcoming sophomore album, Sucker, due out before the end of the year. I was already hands in after "Superlove" alone -- but you can definitely file that album under my 'Most Anticipated'.

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