Saturday, February 08, 2014

HEAR THIS: Shareen Sheds 'Light', Says "Don't Let The Credits Roll"

Let's hear it for the indie gals, am I right? I'm always all for strong females with ambition who do their own thing and the story behind Shareen couldn't be more familiar to yours truly...

R&Pop vocalist Shareen (also occasionally credited as Shareen Amour -- I get the Stevie Wonder reference, girl) grew up in a large family not far from NYC. A talented cookie, Shareen was a literal Artistic Jill of All Trades, studying ballet, violin and modern dance before finally coming to the conclusion that singing and performing was the passion she wanted to pursue for her life's work. She came to the Big City for college and spent a few years at Universal Records before putting the focus on Shareen, the artist, and forming her own label back in 2012 and hasn't looked back since.

The most recent fruit of that labor is Light, her stellar, dance-tingled EP that is available now for your perusal on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. My personal favorite is the opener, "Don't Let The Credits Roll", full of buzzy, relentless laser-synth that keeps your grooving on your seat. It's a nice complement to Shareen's vocal -- very smooth, soft and airy, think Mya circa "Free". Take a listen below...

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