Sunday, September 29, 2013

NOW PLAYING: #RunawayWithMusic with MEElectronics + GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!

My normal postings will resume shortly -- we are just days away from October and those of you who have been reading Melismatic for longer than a year are probably already aware that October is Hell Month for yours truly as far as the day job is concerned. This year will come with a few fun perks (guess who's going to NYC Comic Con, ya'll!) so keep an eye peeled to my Twitter and my Instagram for a inside look in my crazy.
The main thing that will be keeping me sane this October (like the past few October's before it) is my music -- and there's plenty of new good 'uns to talk about. We'll get to that in a second but first, I wanted to share with you this beautiful new piece of equipment I will be using as my gateway device...
My friends at MEElectronics have provided me with a brand new pair of Air-Fi Runaway Bluetooth Headphones! Aren't they beyond adorable? I like to call them my "louboutin headphones" because of they are black on the outside and red on the inside. And they don't just look pretty -- they sound fantastic. Whereas with my prior earbuds the sound was much more compact, the Runaway helps separate out the wide spectrum of high and low sounds -- the overall tone and sound quality is leaps and bounds better without having to turn my volume all the way up (and damage my ears).
I've tried other over-the-head type headphones in the past that have been somewhat uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time and that is definitely not the case with the Runaways. The earphones themselves are very soft and the body is small and light. They can be wired to your drug of choice in terms of music player or they can function wirelessly in connection with any Bluetooth compatible device, mine being my iPhone. Using the Runaways in either way (wired or wireless), the sound quality remains great. They also fold up so they fit easily in my purse without taking up a bunch of room.
The best part for all of you is MEElectronics is allowing me to give away one pair of Runaways (in any color -- but if you choose black and red, we can be twinsies) to one lucky reader! I will be posting more details and the entry form later this week so be on the look out! My thanks to MEElectronics for this opportunity and for the beautiful headphones that I can't stop wearing! Maybe Hell Month won't be so bad after all...
For more information on MEElectronics and the Runaway Headphones, you can check out their website at

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