Monday, September 30, 2013

HEAR THIS: Little Mix Says 'Move'

(l to r) Jade, Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne
Feeling like it's my birthday
Like Christmas day came early
Just what I want
So when we move
You move

My girls in Little Mix continue to do the damn thing. Almost two months after performing live here in NYC with Radio Disney, they have unveiled their brand new lead single off their upcoming sophomore disc -- and it doesn't disappoint.

"Move" continues to play to the four members of Little Mix's vocal strengths. In fact, it highlights how much of an anomaly they are in the (Western) pop game as all four are vocally competent as a lead singer. (Although, it should be said that Perrie, aka the future Ms. One Direction, really slays that pre-chorus that begins "You know that I've been waiting for you...".) The harmony vocals are not quite as prominent as they were in "Wings" or "DNA", but they really kick into high gear in the final stretch of the chanty bridge breakdown.

And, bonus! If you are like moi and found yourself utterly frazzled by that Robin Thicke/Pharrell Williams/T.I. debacle (I dare not type its name here on my column but you know the one I'm talking about and no, I do not want it. At all.) to the point of pulling your hair out because it has such a great groove but is so...rapey, never fear. Little Mix cures this conundrum. "Move" is very much in the now with less focus on EDM-inspired dance beats, opting instead for a very relaxed, more transparent back beat. Oh, it's definitely one of those everything-and-the-kitchen-sink kind of numbers, but it still manages to come off relaxed and not overwhelming -- with a cute little side-helping of 90's nostalgia to boot. Mmm-hmm.

Not unlike "Wings" before it, the hook(s plural) in "Move" are a tour de force. The Almighty Aloud have taught them well. If this is what the girls meant by a more mature & R&B-inspired sophomore LP, I am all about it. The set is due in the UK in November.

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John said...

I would normally listen to a track like this and say "good but not radio ready," but you bring up a great point with what's currently getting played. I'd like to see these ladies break through, but this just doesn't sound like a breakthrough kind of track. Ya never know, though...

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