Monday, July 29, 2013

HEAR THIS: MKS Feels a "Flatline"

Sugababes, who? The original lineup of one of the UK's most revered and groundbreaking girl groups announced their re-formation last summer and finally we have something official and substantial to show for it. Now recording under the moniker Mutya Keisha Siobhan (or MKS for short), first single "Flatline" has been served up for the UK's (and the world's) enjoyment and will be available on iTunes in September.

"Flatline" plays as a refreshing, fresh take on a relationship in the downhill slide, something lyrically Robyn only seems to be able to do unequivocally well. All three ladies sound controlled and soulful, almost mournful in their delivery. The song is dark and vulnerable without being dismal. It also bears mentioning that it continues the Dev Hynes-production style that really stands apart in a musical landscape so littered with synth (a la Sky Ferreira's "Everything Is Embarrassing" or especially Solange's "Losing You"). Mr. Hynes, feel free to work with all of my faves, please and thank you.

I mentioned my excitement for this project shortly after their reunion was officially confirmed in July of last year. After perusing and then literally devouring "Flatline", all signs point toward a stellar, mature album release (set for early 2014), much akin to the original mindset of the Suga project via their debut One Touch, released back in 2000(!). Details regarding the release have been filtering out into the ether bit by bit and it all sounds so promising. Songwriting by Sia and potentially Shaznay Lewis (of All Saints). Production by MNEK, William Orbit and Richard X (of "Freak Like Me" notoriety!). I can't, you guys. I just can't. I feel so overwhelmed (I'm on overload).

If anyone has a time machine handy, I'd like to fast forward to 2014, please.


John said...

All three ladies sound controlled and soulful, almost mournful in their delivery.

This! But please join the 21st Century and release your single for purchase when you unleash it.

Mel said...

@John - Right? I'm so over this marketing "ploy". The UK seems to be the worst perpetrator of it, too.

John said...

Well, since their charts don't reflect streaming or airplay it makes sense, but still. If you're not ready to give a single the full-court press to make it number one, then don't tease the public.

Linus said...

I don't even know where to begin with this one! "One Touch" is probably one of the most re-played albums in my collection, so to finally hear these three ladies harmonize again feels truly special. And with every spin "Flatline" just keeps getting better. Bring on 2014!

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