Thursday, July 26, 2012

ARBITRARY RANKINGS: Mutya Keisha Siobhan Return

Let's talk Suga, shall we?

Overall, to call me a fan of the Sugas would be putting it mildly but the day Keisha left was the day it seemed to be over for me. I'm aware the Sugababes as they are now are supposedly conspiring for an "eighth" album, and I'm welcome to see what they will be bringing to the table, although I feel the name should be changed at the very least to give themselves a fair shake. The era of the Sugababes is over. We might as well get used to that.

Back in early 2010, we began hearing rumors swirl of a possible reunification of the three original members of the British super group, the Sugababes. While there was a lot of back and forth with the will they or won't they, everything was officially nailed down just recently with the formal announcement of their return under the name Mutya Keisha Siobhan.

Other than being more than a little ego-centric, the name doesn't exactly roll off one's tongue the way say, Sugababes does. Still, it gets its point across I suppose. With the girls impending comeback and also the alleged Girls Aloud reunion, 2012 is shaping up to be a pretty awesome year in terms of Brit GirlPop (we'll get to Little Mix in just a bit). Here's to hoping we don't get let down.

Hands down, my favorite Mutya Keisha Siobhan in the Suga catalogue:

In an attempt to get (even more) excited for what's next for Team MKS, here's my list of my favorite Suga Songs (of the Moment, anyway -- this will change every hour, on the hour):

06. About A Girl (Sweet Seven, 2010)
Released during the Sweet Seven debacle with alternate versions with or without Keisha, for many it exemplified the selling-out of the Suga ideal. However for me, "Girl" (along with "Thank You For The Heartbreak") is a primo dance cut and was definitely a return to form for RedOne. Definitely didn't get a fair shake.

05. Supernatural (Angels With Dirty Faces, 2002)
I like it for many reasons other than it shares it's title with my favorite TV show. Just saying.

04. Girls (Catfights & Spotlights, 2008)
The lead single from the album who's title couldn't have better described the Suga's image better. "Girls" had a retro twist that harkened back to the One Touch era but still felt deliciously modern. Oh, and the horns. The horns.

03. My Love Is Pink (Change, 2007)
A lost opportunity for a killer dance single.

02. Red Dress (Taller In More Ways, 2005)
The thumping bass & 808. The lyrics. The swagger. Does it get better? Hardly.

01. Too Lost In You (Three, 2003)
If I could choose a version of a Suga ballad for MKS to emulate, it's this one. "Too Lost In You" perhaps goes down in history as the group's best acheivement in terms of vocality, harmony, blending and lyrics itself. It was what solidified me as a Sugababes fan without even releasing a single song in the States. It's their "Don't Let Go (Love)" (En Vogue). Period.


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