Monday, April 29, 2013

LIVE FROM NEW YORK: Behind The Scenes @ MTV K

Hurrah for one division of MTV that is dedicated to airing music videos! A few days ago, I headed down to MTV K, a relatively new revamp of the Viacom MTV brand that is dedicated to KPOP and Korean music. The brand, which is headquartered here in New York City, is in the process of re-launching with a target date of invasion for this summer.

I joined the audience cast for MTV K's first original series -- MTV K: Top 10 Countdown. The show basically reads like a TRL of old (if you even remember TRL, you youngin's) with a countdown of the "top ten" KPOP music videos of the moment, voted by the fans. So if you see a curly haired white girl in pink and teal with a perpetual smile on her face -- yeah, that's your gal...

In addition to the countdown, the big news is that MTV K will be featuring the super popular boy band B.A.P. live in their studio in a few weeks while they are here in NYC for a sold out show. I have to admit, their latest jam "One Shot" -- featured on the countdown, of course -- is kind of stellar, especially in terms of its choreography.

If you would like to vote for the Countdown's third episode, you have from now till May 2nd (that's this Thursday, people!) to show some love to your faves. You can vote now via MTV K's Facebook page here (and yes, you have to like them to see the voting page). New entries for the upcoming Countdown include the brand new video from my boys in SHINee (more on that later this week), as well as new cuts from former 2PM member Jay Park and 4minute.

You can watch the most recent episode below and at MTV K's official website. The ep is in three segments, with the first segment embedded below. (Spoiler Alert: the #1 spot is held by a boy band -- shock! -- but I won't tell you which one. You'll have to watch and see.) Get ready for the LOLs (and start practicing your "Abracadabra" moves). My many, many, many thanks to everyone at MTV K for this awesome experience, especially Corynn, VJ Ellie (who are both hilarious, BTW), producer John and everyone else involved in making Top 10 Countdown a reality. Yay for KPOP in America!

For even more on MTV K, you can follow them on Twitter for all the latest in the world of KPOP via @mtvkofficial. You can also follow the Countdown's host, Ellie, via @yo_ell.


Anonymous said...

where in NY is MTV K located?
and how much did it cost to get in? o:

Mel said...

Hi Anon -

MTV K is located here in New York City but actually have two studios -- one in Times Square and another on Hudson Street in Soho. It didn't cost anything to go -- it was totally free! For more details, check out MTVK's Facebook or their Twitter (@mtvkofficial).

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