Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HEAR THIS: Dream/Lady Phoenix's Ashley Poole "Feels Right"

It fills me with so much utter excitement and happiness to tell you all about this next song -- a main contender for my indie artist Song of the Summer.

Former member of my first fave mod pop group Dream, 1/3 of revitalized pop throwback girl group Lady Phoenix, and the generally all-around effin' fabulous Ms. Ashley Poole has announced a solo single that is basically sunshine and happiness blended together into a three and a half minute pop song. (Cue Mel screaming in happiness.)

"If It Feels Right" reads like a Katy Perry "California Girls" kind of summer jam about hanging out and having a good ol' time -- perfect for blaring out your car speakers or -- like in my case, as I live in NYC and don't drive -- blaring out your headphones while you strut around the sidewalks like the boss you inherently are. It's pure Summer Pop in the very best way. Homegirl knows how to work a hooky chorus like a pro.

The song was written by Ashley herself and was inspired by her hometown of Blythe, California -- a smaller suburb near the California/Arizona border. The chorus soars: "I'm just a small town girl in a big ol' city and the sun's shining in my face." (Hello? Ash, you totally wrote this about me, didn't you? Beyond relatable.)

Listen to the song here via Ashley's Soundcloud -- you can even download it for free. Get your party on, ya'll. If you love what you hear, follow Ashley on the Twitters via @iamashleypoole.

For all of you Dream/Lady Phoenix nostalgiacs out there (Is that I word? If not, boom -- I just made it one.), you can still check out my video interview with Ashley, Diana Ortiz & Melissa Schuman as Lady Phoenix from a little over three years ago (time flies, right?) here.

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