Thursday, January 10, 2013

COMEBACK TRAIL: Destiny's Child, Mutya Keisha Siobhan, JUSTIN FREAKIN' TIMBERLAKE and more

2013, are you f*cking serious right now? 10 days in and you're already kicking 2012's ass. Actually, you're kicking 2010, 2011 and 2012's ass (I'd thrown in 2009 for good measure but that was the year I found KPOP). How is it possible that three artists who truly shaped my teens (and in one case, my pre-teens) are all officially on the Comeback Trail? Well, technically (read: not really technically) we could call it four artists if you include Girls Aloud's pending tour (even though its not coming remotely close to NYC) because my copy of Ten only just arrived in my hands (angry face) and the epicness of "Something New" and especially "On the Metro" just can't be denied.

(This isn't even taking into account that in the UK, Five , Atomic Kitten, Liberty X and B*Witched are all reuniting for a television program. I suddenly don't feel so old anymore, fam -- my childhood is returning to me!!)

We already knew we'd be getting new music from Blue Ivy's mama Beyonce in 2013 (complete with a SuperBowl Halftime Show that will surely be legendary) but the announcement that she will also be reuniting the Children of Destiny with her cohorts Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams was a truly pleasant surprise. Queen B stated on her Facebook that DC3 will be releasing Love Songs, a compilation, on January 29th. What I would like from them would be something like this, although another "Bootylicious", "Survivor" or "Say My Name" would be awesome, too. It will be the first new material heard from them since 2005's "Stand Up For Love" (and let's call a spade a spade -- that was kind of a disappointment, wasn't it?)

UPDATE: The reunion track "Nuclear" does sound a bit like a leftover reheated, now doesn't it? Well, I suppose it will grow on me.

Ahhh, the year 2000 was such a good one, wasn't it?

True the comeback of the Originababes is not exactly news but after what feels like eons of excitement, the product of their Pending Amazingness finally broke via "Boys". A video of the girls singing a bit of song acapella has landed on the YouTubes and if we can believe what PopJustice says, the real thing will be incredible. This bodes well.

The UK's Vocal Vamps have returned. TRIUMPH AND BEHOLD.

Deep Breath, Mel - you can do this. Nope. I can't. Can't. Remain. Calm. Dear Justin Bieber/One Direction fangirls (in fact, let's thrown in just about every KPOP boyband fangirl, too, because damnit, it still applies) -- it's time to take a seat. It's been almost six years since my childhood celebrity crush last graced the stage (no, Timbaland, Ciara, Madonna and Esmee Denters features DON'T count) and it quite possibly might be the most hyped moment of my 25 years of life on this Earth. Hyperbole? Shut the f*ck up. Justin's back. (Well, hopefully -- today he dropped a somewhat pretentious "video" to YouTube of him simply stating "I'm Ready". I suppose that could mean any number of things but so long as it's not another attempt to be a movie star, I will roll with it.) I really don't know where to even begin with this but if we were to get something like this...

Or, I don't know...something like this...

Or something like this...

(I was at that show, actually -- so technically that video is of both Mr. JT and Melismatic)

 ...your girl might just break into a million glittery discoball pieces of sugar, bubblegum and BOP magazines. I really can't be held accountable for my stanship when it comes to (the real) Justin, ya'll. We have a relationship that dates back almost 15 years. This one is very personal.

What. A. Day. My feelings can be expressed in the gif below, basically -- just please don't stop.

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Linus said...

I am SO fucking excited about the new DC compilation. Honey, you're looking at the biggest Destiny's Child stan on this side of the planet.
I also love the crap out of Sugababes and to see the original trio (the ones I fell in love with in the first place) back together, is a thrill!

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