Tuesday, November 06, 2012

HEAR THIS: Travis Garland is 'Fashionably Late'

Friends, my impatient wait for Travis Garland to become a proper popstar continues.

The Texas Vocal Stunner dropped another new, free EP this week by way of the soul-drenched Fashionably Late and it. Is. So. Amazing. I. Can't. Even. Speak. The EP is available for download and general consumption here. Merry Christmas, because seriously -- that ish is incredible. Spoiler Alert -- at just four tracks long, it's wayyyy too short. Cries. Travis continues to surprise and impress me with his burgeoning pantheon of styles and genres, and it's proof positive that if you have killer pipes, you can pretty much sing anything.

My favorite song at the moment is "Abby Lee", a Prince meets Gospel Choir type of jam complete with organs, proclamations, buttery melismas, falcetto and wail or three. Trav, you can take me to church anytime you want to, bb.

Boy, you better take your cute Texan butt to New York. Why does LA get all the love? NYC is overdue for some Garland.

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Calen said...

Love. Love. Love this man.

Such a voice <3

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