Saturday, November 17, 2012

HEAR THIS: Little Mix's Sin City 'DNA'

My stanship of UK X-Factor winner Little Mix was certainly not for naught. The group is preparing to unleash their second official single, "DNA", and is proof that debut single "Wings" was no fluke. Because if its possible, "DNA" is even better than "Wings" for all the best reasons.

While "Wings" was decidedly sunny quirk-pop with clap-stomp rhythms, choruses-a-go-go and a heavy spotlight on the group's four part harmony, "DNA" manages to be its darker twin sister. Don't be fooled by the midtempo feel of the song at first -- "DNA" boasts a smashing, repetitive chorus, stutter drops and an operatic vocal bridge.

See, its for all these reasons that I don't understand why the UK won't let the US have nice things. You're all for sending us your boy bands that don't dance (not complaining, just saying) but when it comes to your girl bands with the powerhouse vocals and/or the sassy fierceness, you decide to hold back? Not fair. Not fair at all. Learn to share, damnit.

Check out the 'Sin City'-esque music video below. The group's debut album, also titled DNA, will be released in the UK on November 19th. My copy's already pre-ordered.

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