Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HEAR THIS: Watch Pastele "Reach The High"

"Just breath it in
It's all you need
It's in your veins
Running through your body"

Keeping on the grind, Team Pastele serves up another hot dance cut to follow up Pastele's fab EP City of Pastele in "Reach The High", produced by her oft-collaborator AntMaestro (single "Step 2 This", amongst other goodies). It's one for the discoteques with chanty oh ohs, trippin', losin' control-ol-oh's.

Keep it comin', hun!

For more on Pastele, check out my review of one of her first live performances as a solo artist this past January here and/or check out my interview with her from back in March '11 (in her prior incarnation as "Pasquelina").

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