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HEAR THIS/INTERVIEW: Kady Z is a "Beautiful Disaster"

"When I crossed my heart
And we said forever after
Through the hurricanes and harm
We're a beautiful disaster
Let your guard down
Make my heart pound
We'll make it through somehow
When our worlds fall apart
We're a beautiful disaster"
-"Beautiful Disaster", Kady Z

OK, so June is almost out. Summer 2012 is offish upon us all. And as much as you loved and adored Carly Rae Jepsen and "Call Me Maybe" (who doesn't?), now that the rest of the world country has too (US Hot #1! Kicking Gotye to the curb!), you're itching for something else to fill your summertime feel good gas tank. I know I'm right. Have no fear, fam. Mel's got you covered.

Kady Z (the 'Z' is short for Zadora), a student of pop at the alter of Robyn, is the daughter of a Broadway actress turned aspiring popstar herself, Pia Zadora (her single "Rock It Out" gained a Grammy nod. She recently released her debut EP, One Million Pieces, featuring a smattering of different flavors in the pop realm, all co-written by Kady (save one cover), that is definitely worth your perusal.

There's a cover of Robbie Williams's 2002 hit "Feel". "Fun" is quirky, snarky synth pop (written by Kady about her ex-BFF). "Save Me From Yourself" is a darker, multi-layered midtempo that is arguably my favorite of the set. Namesake "One Million Pieces" is begging for a slightly harder, relentless beat to be a banger for the underground clubs. And then there's the lead single of the set -- "Beautiful Disaster" (not to be confused with the Kelly Clarkson jam of the same name).

"Beautiful Disaster" couldn't have fit better into a post-"Call Me Maybe" Top 40 if it tried. Try and get that chorus out of your head. I triple dog dare you. And yes, that is former "7th Heaven" bb David Gallagher in the video.

The EP is available for purchase on iTunes and perusal on Spotify and "Beautiful Disaster" is up for airplay at a number of radio stations (including iHeartRadio!). She's also a Tweeter.

I was lucky enough to ask Kady herself a few questions to get to know her just a little bit better. Click the cut below to read my interview with Kady and to learn more about her & her excellent EP, One Million Pieces. Thanks again to Ms. Kady & her PR for giving me this great opportunity to learn about a great new artist! Looking forward to see what's next...

Your EP, One Million Pieces, was produced by Tone Def - how did you end up meeting and working?
I met Tone Def through our mutual manager, Nick Lippman. The three of us sat down together, started talking and instantly hit it off. We started working together the next week!

The title of your EP is really poetic -- with heartbreak as one central theme of the work on the whole. Do you primarily write from personal experiences?
Thank you!  All of my songs come from personal experiences, except "Feel" which is a Robbie Williams song. 

How involved are you in the studio/writing process?
When we are working on a record, it consumes my life. I am very involved because its very meaningful to me, I become like a mother bear protecting her baby song cubs! 

Of all the songs you've recorded so far, which one is the most personal and why?
They are all so personal! Each song is just a different moment in time, but those moments are still extremely emotional... that was such a dramatic answer!! 

You covered Robbie Williams' 2002 hit single "Feel" on your EP - what made you choose that song?
I think the song is so inspiring!  It just gives me hope whenever I hear it. And I am obsessed with Robbie's voice!

Speaking of covers, you cite Robyn as a main influence. If you could cover any song of hers, what would it be?
"Indestructible"... it never gets old!
What's one album that to you is an absolute MUST for anyone's musical collection?

Kenny G? 

You grew up singing with your mother, an accomplished singer and actress! Was she your main champion to pursue music? What is your relationship like?
My mom has always been very supportive!  She always comes out and supports me in everything I do. She's awesome like that!

When fans come to see you live, what can they expect out of a Kady Z show? Do you have any touring plans?
Kady Z shows are just an old fashioned good time with fun music and maybe a couple of bad jokes in between! ;)-   We are getting ready to tour for about 3 weeks in July, but that's all i know as of right now!

What is one weird factoid about yourself most fans wouldn't know?
The word "factoid" makes me nervous. :)

Thanks so much, Kady! Can't wait to hear what else is in store for you!
Thank you, Mel!!

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