Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HEAR THIS: Jackie Scott Covers The Wanted "Chasing The Sun"

Indie darling and daring genre-jumper Jackie Scott has recently taken a vacation from her "Love Sick" electro feels and debauchery in favor of a much softer, dreamier ballad-ized version of The Wanted's latest hit "Chasing the Sun". Her cover comes complete with a gorgeous music vid to match.

Loving the shots of my current home in the background (if you look hard enough, you might spy my old apartment in Battery Park City). 

Homegirl ripped out the pomp and circumstance that make The (American) Wanted singles sound so utterly bombastic and created a whole new feel for the song. I wonder if the lads are aware their tunes are so flexible? In fact, her cover quite reminds me of Pastele's cover of their other hit "Glad You Came".

These ladies should come together and collaborate. Methinks the outcome would be pretty grand indeed.

Jackie's cover of "Chasing the Sun", along with her most recent EP, Pink Hot Blush, is available for purchase on iTunes and for perusal on Spotify.

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