Thursday, March 08, 2012

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Bizarre Inc is "Gonna Get You"

Yo DJ, pump this party!

Joining the Throwback Thursdays party is UK dance group Bizarre Inc, with their 1992 hit "I'm Gonna Get You", from their sophomore album Energique. The song went to #3 in the UK and topped the chart on the US Dance Charts. The group went on to release two more albums before splitting.

"I'm Gonna Get You" fits right into that 90's dance sound aesthetic which always sounds like a plan to yours truly. The song debuted the use of session singer Angie Brown to perform the now famous vocals -- during a time when using session singer without proper credit got some awesome people into a lot of trouble (::cough::C + C Music Factory::cough::). I was first introduced to it thanks to a cover, performed by a then pint-sized version of a popstar you've probably never heard of -- Britney Spears. Oh yeah. I went there. (To watch the full "Mickey Mouse Club" version, featuring Ms. Spears, along with Innosense/MTV's Awkward Nikki DeLoach, click here.)


Unknown said...

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John said...

You're going to be hard-pressed to beat this one. Of the mid-90s dance tracks, I think this one endures much better than most. There's something so uplifting about the track that if it comes on, you can't help but smile. I still can't believe this song never went Top 40 when it came was EVERYWHERE in Syracuse.

Lilly said...

i liked the song before seeing Britney perform it on MMC, but still a worthy performance :)

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