Monday, February 06, 2012

MAILBAG MONDAY: Dirty Little Billy, POB, Starrah, Chanelle Ray

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"Give It To You"
Genre: Pop with a R&B lean
File Near: Jessie J
With a name like Dirty Little Billy and her Dev-esque promotional photography, I wasn't really expecting the throwback 90's-esque R&pop that Homegirl was supplying on her latest disc, Put Your Love On Me, but that's what I got. The record is a dalliance from her business as usual (which is electro, which makes more sense), but you gotta respect an artist that likes to experiment. "Give It To You" has a great R&B lean to it that you just don't see much in mainstream pop artist these days, and I really dig it.


Song: "I'm The One"
Genre: Synthy Club Pop
File Near: Darin, Simon Curtis

Brit 'lectropopper POB has some really promising demos, both production-wise and in the hook capacity. Hype single "Shout It Out Loud" is an early favorite of mine in terms of commercial sound, but the slightly more relaxed "I'm The One" is perfect for the dance/trance crowd.


"Break Your Heart (feat. Chanelle Ray)"
Genre: R&B/Hip Hop
File Near: A female version of Drake
Starrah is a newbie in my books, but when I saw she collaborated with my girl Chanelle Ray on her most recent mixtape, dubbed Songs For You, I was immediately interested. Their soft, candle-light collab, called "Break Your Heart", sounds like an indie version of a prospective Drake/Rihanna song a la "Take Care" or "Marvin's Room" ('cept - it's a girl/girl version). Chanelle digs deep with one of her more vulnerable  performances. You can snag the full mixtape for free here.

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