Tuesday, February 07, 2012

HEAR THIS: Chris Richardson Stops "In The Name Of Love"

I can't explain the magic
That we happened to obtain
And now you know we got that something
That will make me stay
The perfect addiction, baby
See what I've been missing
You can have the best of me like no tomorrow
All I need is what you got to get me high

-Chris Richardson, "In The Name Of Love"

Oh, the fangirl crush. How quickly it comes flooding back. Chris Rich - I just knew you wouldn't let me down!

Let me refresh your memories. The year was 2007, and American Idol was still a popstar delivery machine (or so it seemed). Chris Richardson, an amiable pop/r&b singer who was quickly likened to Justin Timberlake, broke through to the upper ranks in the show's sixth season, which also spawned winner Jordin Sparks, runner-up (and bitterly underrated) Blake Lewis, vocal powerhouse Melinda Doolittle, and yes, Sanjaya Malakar. Chris finished fifth, and is best known for his BFF-ery with Blake and for making Jason Mraz's b-material ("Geek In the Pink", anyone?) relevant pre-"I'm Yours". I fell for his honeycomb voice, his winning smile, his humble appeal -- he had the whole poptastic package.

Post-'Idol' Chris's future looked bright, but as the years slid by with still no tangible release, my dreams of my fave male contestant from that year (well, if you count him as a tie with Blake) becoming a household name started to fade. The leak of his quiet and somber "All Alone" could only hold me over for so long. Little did I (and Joe Public) know, Chris was taking his time -- writing, recording and paying his dues. He reappeared last year, collaborating with up-and-coming rapper of the moment Tyga with his single "Far Away" which charted on the Hot 100's lower echelons. It was shortly thereafter announced he had signed with Cash Money Records (Tyga's label, and also home to another artist close to my heart, Ms. T-Lopez). Footage also leaked last year of him in the recording booth with Nick Jonas of all people. Be still my beating fangirl heart...

It's clear 2012 is the year to ramp up Chris's promotions -- and it's long overdue. First on the dock is the dreamy, falcetto-drenched ballad "In the Name of Love". The music video popped up on YouTube a few weeks back, and an official iTunes is pending "very soon" per Chris's Twitter. The stripped-down sparkler is accented by the cinematic video, shot in black-and-white. I'm so glad that Chris kept on the grind, in pursuit of a style that was reflective of him rather than caving to what could have been. Check out the video below.

Dear Chris, why must you turn me into mush with your falcetto, huh? Why? Every damn time, too. Keep making us proud of you, bb. Love, Mel

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John said...

Killin' me! I've got a post coming today as well. It's a great track, although I'm wondering if it's a proper single release.

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