Monday, January 23, 2012

MAILBAG MONDAY: Eva, Kazaky, ControlFreaksUK & Nicole Lawrence

Keep sending in your stellar tuneage to! I don't know why I didn't think of this column idea sooner, but I'm glad I did! On to this week's gems:

Genre: Four-on-the-Floor Electro
File Near: Katy Perry
I've mentioned Eva once before on the blog thanks to her dancefloor romp (co-written by Ke$ha herself), "Ashes". She's still on the dancefloor, and chasing the rising dubstep trend with her latest single, sexy "Body On Mine," featuring Young Money protege of the moment, Tyga. While I'm a bit more partial to the club-ready "Extended Dubstep Remix", the radio edit (see below) could very well have legs...


Genre: Fierce 90's Eurodance meets 2012 House
File Near: Visually, these boys have NO competition.
Picture this: four metro!glam boys from the Ukraine, better known as Kazaky, working it out to House Music in stilletto heels. The video for their most recent single, "Dance and Change," is honestly a piece of art in its simplicity as the main spotlight is on the stellar choreography. While the song doesn't exactly move mountains to my ears, it's the visual that draws you in. This boy band has set the bar for dancing so high, it's almost not even fair. How is it that they can do this in heels in the club, while I can barely make it through one song?

Mod-Day Radio Dance meets 60's Soul
File Near: C + C the Music Factory, (a 2012 version of) Gloria Gaynor
Burgeoning Brit production duo ControlFreaksUK (or CF-UK to those in the know) have enlisted an 2009 Brit X-Factor flameout Nicole Lawrence and her big soulful pipes in their self-penned current single "Won't Look Back." The cut is a decidedly sunny and tre soulful romp that immediately put a smile on my face and is currently my sing-in-the-shower song of the moment.

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