Friday, September 23, 2011

HEAR THIS: Eva Turns You to "Ashes"

I don't live for regrets...
I'm making big girl money
I don't need your two cents...
When I walk in, they all start falling
Ashes Ashes, they all fall down (down)

-"Ashes", Eva

Dear Cascada fans, it's time to evacuate the dancefloor and head over to a new party.

Introducing Eva, a dynamic bundle of club-fueled energy as shown in her latest single -- the fabtastic "Ashes". The song, especially in its "Chuckie Radio Edit Remix" form, is one big, thumping twirl on the bar during a crazy night out with your best girls and gays (with a prominent, tongue-in-cheek reference to a children's rhyme thrown in for good measure).

Eva is no overnight slouch. Her prior single, the sass-talked, minimalist "Not My Daddy", was co-written by Top 40's favorite faux drunkard Ke$ha (in fact, they kind of even look alike, no?). Her debut EP bow, In The Beginning (2009), featured production by the likes of Scott Storch, Poli Paul and Pooh Bear, and boasts features by Snoop Dogg and Lupe Fiasco. Still wondering why radio isn't already all over this? Me too.

I much prefer "Ashes" to "Daddy" (and not just for the Ke$ha reference). While "Daddy" is much more petulant, "Ashes" is all about tearing it up in the club and is less gratingly in-your-face. As displayed in the video, Eva clearly gets her cues from the industry. She seems to be one part glammed out (rocker chic) Britney, one part Paris Hilton, one part (vogue-ing) Gaga (or is it Madonna, I'm so confused), one part Ke$ha, one part Ibiza Dancefloor Goddess. It's nothing we haven't seen before, but there's something so very biting and eurotrashtastic that makes her very appealing, especially when its mixed in with the fierce attitude displayed.

This could be the beginning of very big things, especially considering the crew in her corner.

PS - Dear Eva's Dancers, get itttttttt.

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