Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HEAR THIS: Rebecca Ferguson's "Too Good To Lose"

I usually file UK X-Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson along the likes of Leona Lewis or Emeli Sande -- she has a big soulful set of pipes (in Rebecca's case -- in a very jazzy tone), but the material is often so slow or moody, I really have to be in the mood to want to actively listen to it.

However, that all changed when I heard this ace little remix of her upcoming single. The song, "Too Good To Lose," is due for release to radios in the UK in late February/early March. Co-written by Rebecca herself, "Too Good To Lose" is exactly that, especially in its Seamus Haji Remix incarnation. Take a listen to the remix below. It's unsurprising that I adore this version -- as I enjoy the vast majority of Seamus Haji's remixes. He has a real penchant for fusing genres -- his remixes are so much more than just slapping some heavy beats and synth underneath a pop cut and calling it a day.

This is not to bemoan the original, which I enjoy very, very much. On the whole, I find it much stronger than her debut single, the more unassuming "Nothing's Real But Love," which went to Top 10 in the UK. In my opinion, "Lose" is much more radio friendly, accessible and singable in general -- and plays to her vocal strengths.

With the remix, the song completely transforms and takes on an almost 70's disco feel meets current club fare. Ferguson's vocals verge on the Whitney Houston-esque (especially cerca "It's Not Right But It's Okay" -- think Thunderpuss Remix). It's proof positive that when remixes are done right, they can be a really great thing. My only complaint is the remix stripping the song of its heavy piano chords, but overall, it's a really great re-invention of a great single.

The full album, Heaven, has already been declared platinum in the UK.


John said...

This mix didn't hit me instantly, but it has grown on me. Funny thing...about two weeks ago I saw a list of songs going for adds at US radio, and "Nothing's Real but Love" was on that list. That was a surprise...I figured Matt Cardle would get worked as a solo artist here first, but apparently she's on Columbia.

Mel said...

That's news to me! I much prefer "Lose" over "Love" anyday -- her debut single was the main reason why I tended to stay away from the full set at first glance. Too dreary for my taste. I'm glad she upped the tempo a bit with Single #2 (both in original and in remix form).

I'm always all for Brit popstars to come Stateside. But weren't they clamoring about A.Burke to come to the States for like...years now?

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