Monday, January 30, 2012

MAILBAG MONDAY: Lady Pista, Official Hot Mess, Verona

Want to submit your tunes for future Melismatic Mailbag Mondays (try saying that one aloud three times fast)? Send anything and everything to! :) Read on for this week's ear candy...

"Fatal Love"
Genre: Dancehall meets chilled-out club-dubstep meets R&B
File Near: M.I.A., Kid Sister

Canadian songstress Lady Pista has an interesting mix of genres stirred up in her body of work to create something uniquely her own. "Underground Dancefloor" has elements of reggae mixed in with chunky electric guitars and a slight dubstep feel, while softer ballad "Fatal Love" (below) has more of an R&B lean to it mixed with club-ready beats. The Lady's debut EP, Ritual, was released last year, and a full LP release is due sometime in 2012.


"Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round"
Genre: Pop Rock
File Near: Lillix and Aly & AJ, shook up in a Ke$ha blender

Official Hot Mess (or OHM) is a pop rock band fronted by Kristy and Lindsey Landers Niedenfuer, the offspring of actress Judy Landers and baseball famer Tom Niedenfuer. Their debut single, "Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round" was a hot commodity over at MTV, and as also featured on Showtime's "The Real L Word" as well as the reality show following those crazy Kardashian sisters. Kristy & Lindsey are plotting a reality show of their own, starring themselves and their run at pop rock stardom. The song has a kitsch to it that makes it sticky and likeable in that glamorous hot mess kind of way. The video for their other single, "Sexy Face," is set to debut on MTV tomorrow.


Genre: Hazy, Dreamy Electro Rock
File Near: M83

This Aussie rock troupe has found a niche in this slo-rock jam sound set to electro beats, with the proof being the single "Hero", released back in November. They also recently released an original mashup of various current hits in the Verona "style", including Flo Rida's "Good Feeling," Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy", Rihanna's "We Fell In Love" and LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem", dubbed "Music That Makes You Explode (Pop Mini Mix)" with "Hero" mixed in.You can download both for free at their Facebook.

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