Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HEAR THIS: Get "Addicted" to Prince Royce

I've saved a place on my chest
For you to rest your head on me
A part of me is a mess
I must confess
It's time to come clean...
I am addicted to your touch

-"Addicted", Prince Royce

The music industry is a small place and I don't think one really appreciates just how small it is until you unintentionally stumble upon an artist, only to realize they are just one or two degrees of seperation from your already-established musical library. Such is the case for me with Prince Royce, a 22 year-old Latin pop artist signed to Atlantic. 

Royce released his debut album, in Spanish last year, and the album soared up to the Top 20 of the Billboard Latin Album chart. The album spawned singles "Corazon Sin Cara" (Heart Without A Face) and a cover of "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King -- both of which hit #1 on the Billboard Tropical Chart. Currently, Royce is working on his debut English release and wrapped up a jaunt opening for Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. The music video of the first single release from the album popped up online recently -- the dreamy, acoustic guitar-based "Addicted."

I heard the song a few weeks back and was immediately struck by it's lullabye-like feel. It's the kind of ballad that makes you long to lounge around till late on a Sunday with your Dream Guy (or Girl), curled up on the couch. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Then I found out the song was written by Jessica Castellanos, a currently solo, former member of Soluna -- a group that I helped form a national street team for and credit for helping me realize music promotion was something I wanted to do. And I got all warm and fuzzy all over again. It's like the Circle of Musical Life. Now, if only Jessica would release some material of her own and I'd be completely over the (sun and) moon.

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