Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HEAR THIS: Bruno Mars Forecasts "Rain"

Just like the clouds
My eyes will do the same
If you walk away
Everyday it will rain
-"It Will Rain", Bruno Mars

I may not be the closest follower of Bruno Mars' career, but gosh darn can that boy sing. He joins rank with Gavin DeGraw and Elliot Yamin in terms of having velvety voices that literally make me melt into a pile of molten goo. Just one listen to "It Will Rain" and I'm off in the Netherworld that is Bruno's voice. 

I'm not quite sure why, but the he really can do no wrong with me. The control he has with his voice is just unreal -- he has the perfect balance between the strength and the soft, the light and the dark, the soft and the more complex. The lyrics in all of his singles so far suggest this kind of hopeless romantic quality to them. A part of you is almost suspicious, because they suggest a man that almost seems too good to be true. (In my opinion, he's a bit like Boyz II Men's lyrical content in that way.) But in my starry-eyed dreams, I'm wrapped up in a Snuggie with a romantic like Bruno, and with all hope, he can croon like he can, too. Le sigh.

PS - Oh, and the song is the single for the new "Twilight" movie. So the whole idealized romance thing has a bit of an excuse now. Doesn't matter. The song is still gorgeous.

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