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NOW KPOPPING: Super Junior Says "A-CHA"

It's been about six seconds since I've last posted about KPOP (seriously, you should all applaud my restraint) and putting aside the fact that the Ultimate Bias & his Hyung just released their first full Japanese album post-DongBangpocalypse (I'm waiting for my physical copy to reach my doorstep, mmkay?), I can't exactly sit on a fresh boy band video, especially when it's by a group of boys I am becoming increasingly fond of as the minutes progress. It's just not in my genetics. If you want someone to blame, blame Lee Donghae.

Today, for our class discussion, we have the latest from Super Junior. It's Single #3 from their fifth full album release, Mr. Simple. The song, "A-CHA", is on the second official "re-release" of the album, and technically only features eight members (of the original 13 -- but less be real, only 11 of them are really plausible these days and one has been in the Army since 2010 -- oh, enough) in the live performances (due to Heechul's recent enlistment and Siwon's "distraction" via filming for his drama). The fact that I might be seeing an eight-membered Super Junior live this October is starting to become more and more real for me (and as an ELF who only recently got her membership card, seeing only eight members feels so...junior), but for now I will continue to hope to see Siwon's beautiful set of abs in person. But I'm getting distracted...where was I?

Ahh yes, "A-CHA". Which is apparently Korean for "Oh My Gosh" or "Whoops" or "Oops" something to that effect. The lyrics imply a storyline centered around a Don Quixote-inspired male protagonist mindset (apparently I really need to re-read my college Spanish literature textbooks), but none of that is translated into the video, which is mostly just flashes of the boys looking sexy with various "magic tricks" interstitched against a white backdrop. In that sense, it doesn't differ much from "Mr. Simple" (aside from the magic, I guess). In short, the lyrics spell out a boy telling a girl to not screw with him.

Eventually you will say "A-CHA"
And when you say "A-CHA", it's too late
I'm in so much pain, so hurt
Why don't you recognize it? Oh
I'm going crazy, I'm exhausted
And I'm locked up inside of you...

Eventually you will say "A-CHA"
"A-CHA" again because it's only
You who doesn't recognize
I can't breathe
I can't breathe again
You hurt yourself and
I give my all to you
I can't let you go

The song is very similar in structure to "Mr. Simple", in so much that it sounds similar to previous SuJu singles, but we have the added (and appreciated) rock-infused growling that for once is used effectively. Unfortunately, the majority of that growling fierceness was supplied by Heechul. ::shrugs:: The entire Mr. Simple promotional period was labeled to be centered around an "ubersexual" concept per SM Entertainment which I still am not really seeing -- but "A-CHA" is much more fun to listen to than "Mr. Simple", and the choreography is more exciting. It's the latest release from the implied final repackaging of Mr. Simple, which means it might very well be the last we see of "official" SuJu in this formation for awhile.

The music video was released this week. Despite the fact that Heechul and Siwon are not available for promotions of the song, they do appear in flashes in the video during their solos -- but notice they do not appear in the choreography formation (if you can keep up -- I realize watching eight boys dance in formation is sensory overload enough for most people who are not SuJu-obsessed).

I feel like they could have done so much more in terms of creating a storyline for this, but considering how time-crunched this group already is, spreading themselves literally whisper-thin with literal global promotions, I'm not surprised. It's satisifying for what it is, as it does what all boy band videos attempt to do: make girls (and some boys, I don't judge) fawn over them. So in the interest of squeeing:

  • Is it my eyes or do these backgrounds just keep reappearing? Between this video, "Mr. Simple", SHINee's "Lucifer"and TVXQ's "Why (Keep Your Head Down)"...
  • What exactly is Super Junior's fascination with gloves (both past and present)? They are usually shiny. A member usually wears just one. It's like the coordis give these things to them purposely to impregnate me.
  • Donghae. Half-glove. Dirty thoughts. I just can't.
  • The kalediscopy shots are honestly the most interesting part of this video, no?
  • The Kyuhyun/Sungmin and Donghae/Eunhyuk kalediscope shots. Dear SM, I see what you did there.
  • I'm glad they could find a reason to bring back the awkwardly non-sequiter use of Eunhyuk's furry tail hat from the Super Junior M "Perfection" promotions. Is his concept an Eskimo using leopard print as camoflague while hunting in the wilderness? (Doesn't matter. He still looks hot.)
  • Err...SM, stop trying to make the whole cape-jacket thing happen. It's not gonna happen. Stop trying to trick the public by putting it on attractive men like it's normal attire. We all know it's not.
  • I tend to call Lee Donghae my Ultimate Bias Wrecker,but I have to admit that Lee Hyukjae (better known as Eunhyuk, general dancing machine, rapper and currently of a hyper blonde bowl-cut hairstyle) is creeping up there. There. I said it. I feel better for it.
  • You'd think wearing a stencil-print jacket would look ugly on most but, much like the Ultimate Bias ChangGod in "Why (Keep Your Head Down)", SM can literally put Lee Donghae in outfits that would make Stevie Wonder cringe and I would still be happy.
  • Anyone else think Ryeowook in his "dark"-formation outfit looks like Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" if he was shrunk in the dryer? No? Just me? Okay.
  • Dear Yesung, you really don't have to look like your squeezing an orange (and concentrating very hard whilst looking away/down/shaking your head while doing so) when hitting those beautiful notes. I'm just saying. Every time?
  • The flying bit with Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae! I don't know why it excites me (and most fangirls). If I did, I'd try to explain to you why. Just suffice to say, it's very exciting.
  • Ditto can be said to the whole Donghae flipping his jacket up to reveal a flannel shirt tucked in to dark jeans with a belt (I CAN'T EXPLAIN MY KINKS, OKAY?) as Eunhyuk "jumps" behind him. 
  • Epic Jump following the "rap" bridge is Epic WIN and is literally the most exciting part of the live performance. 
  • Dear Donghae, the whole sweeping your hands behind your head as the song ends thing? Keep doing it. Whatever you're trying to do, it's totally working on me.

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