Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HEAR THIS: Travis & JoJo Get Down in the "Paint"

I know how to work a paintbrush
You're my canvas

So I'ma sign my name
'Cause I just wanna do you in the paint...

-"Paint", Travis Garland and JoJo.

I'm a bit late on this one, but better later than never, I say. Put the kiddies to bed with this one, friends -- it's about to get messy up in hurrrr.

The mere thought alone of two of my favorite young vocalists collaborating is something that really gets my blood pumping. That dream became a reality late last year when JoJo presented us with her brilliant (and free!) mixtape Can't Take That Away From Me, which featured Mr. Travis Garland on the gorgeous "When Does It Go Away". The song totally blew me away and instantly became my favorite cut from an already stacked album. 

Imagine my happy chagrin upon hearing that these two are at it again, this time with the every-so-sexy "Paint" -- an R&B-soaked slow jam that features both Jo and Trav on the top of their game. If you needed proof positive that these two are vocal soulmates and "When Does It Go Away" didn't do it for you, "Paint" amps up their chemistry to 11. 

Using picturesque lyrical content (to put it mildly), "Paint" practically oozes soft sexuality without feeling awkwardly forced. Despite the with banging, thumping beats and futuristic sound effects, "Paint" still feels like the kind of baby-making slow jams of the early 1990's with a twist. Not sure where the song got its initial inspiration from (Travis, you naughty boy), but it's hard not to hit replay. Again and again and again.

While I'm happy that both Travis and JoJo continue to drop off free goodies on our doorstep in these little gems, an official release would still be really nice. The world needs to appreciate you both. Desperately. You hear me, Interscope Records? These two are far too talented to be effed with the way they are. No word on whether or not "Paint" will be a part of JoJo's upcoming third record Jumping Trains, but my fingers are crossed.

For now, you can download the track, completely gratis, via Travis's website. 

Bonus, take a look at these two cuties covering Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" at a recent live performance...

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