Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HEAR THIS: Avery tells Haters to "Go Screw Yourself"

Hurrah, for this is my 500th Post at Melismatic (only?), and I'm glad I can dedicate it to pop music with a message! 
 These three words
I've been holding back
Tried to fight
I'ma let 'em out
These three words
Gotta let you know
Here I go
Go Screw Yourself
I've had enough, yeah
Now we're done

Tongue-in-cheek pop music, especially when it's helmed by a cute but relatable pop tart who doesn't take herself too seriously AND can sing? I'm sold.

Introducing Avery, a 16 year old pop singer who, not totally unlike fellow teen pop dream Justin Bieber, got her start singing material on YouTube (of all things, a Guns N' Roses song -- go figure). You'd be quick to shrug her off, but I'm warning you now -- Avery will not go quietly, and that is a very good thing.

I'm all for young female empowerment, especially when it's coupled with a believable, positive image and vocal talent to back it up. Avery is all of this and then some. Imagine the spunk and sass early Avril Lavigne and the snark of Canadian songstress Skye Sweetnam, mixed with present day (brunette) Ashley Tisdale or the warblings of Demi Lovato, and you have a general idea of the aesthetic that Universal Music Group is attempting to parlay into their 16 year old prodigy.

Her latest release for her upcoming debut album is in-your-face cut "Go Screw Yourself (GSY)", and is labeled as an anti-bullying anthem for high school students. Says Avery,

"To me, 'Go Screw Yourself' means being strong. It means standing up for yourself when the world is trying to bring you down. Whether it be a bully trying to mess up your life, someone that broke your heart into a million pieces, a "best friend" that went and stabbed you in the back; whatever the case... I think everyone has someone they want to dedicate this song to. GSY: the three words we all want to say, but are too afraid to say out loud. Well, I'm not afraid."

The fact that I'm labeling a song by a 16 year old called "Go Screw Yourself" as gutsy is no misnomer. I'd much rather my younger sisters in arms (I'm talking to you, my little middle and high school chickies!) possibly reading this right now have this kind of mindset, than be too afraid to speak up when they are being wronged.

Add to her empowerment vibe the facts that Ms. Avery plays guitar, has serious vocal chops and writes her own material. It's because of young women like Avery that I start to become less worried for the generation that follows mine. "Go Screw Yourself" is every bit radio-friendly, shiny-Disney-bounce pop (minus the whole "Go Screw Yourself" refrain, I suppose) that is believably age-appropriate without overkill, and at the same time, has just the right pinch of truthful eff you that will surely resonate with a lot of people, not just teenagers. Honey, how many times have you wanted to tell your boss those same three words? Huh? HUH?

I may have just inadvertently found myself a new personal anthem.

"Go Screw Yourself (GSY)" is now available for purchase on iTunes.

Have a question for Avery? I'm proud to say I will also be interviewing her shortly! Leave your question in the comments below, or send it to moi at with the subject line: Question for Avery.All appropriate questions shall be asked. :) Deadline is this Friday (9/23), so hurry hurry!

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