Wednesday, June 01, 2011

HEAR THIS: T Lopez 'Breathe's Deep With Weezy

Anyone who knows me in my real life, outside of the Internets, knows that my first real jaunt into the music business began with a little girl group named Soluna. The group, along with its four members, continue to be very special to me to this day, almost ten years after their debut (and sadly only) album, For All Time, was released. While they may no longer be together, each of the members are pursuing their own avenues in life, and words can't express how excited and pumped I am for one of them in particular to jump back onto the promotional train, in a big way.

Since the announcement of the official Soluna split back in late 2004, news has been filtering out about the group's youngest member T Lopez, who quickly inked a deal with Lil' Wayne's imprint Cash Money Records. While at first the signing was a bit of shock to me, Wayne's appeal started to make more sense, as the label began to branch out into more mainstream avenues. Thanks to the success of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and in particular Jay Sean and Kevin Rudolph in terms of more radio-friendly Top 40 and DJ Khaled for the more urban-based club circuit, it became very clear to me that T's sound would still be familiar but her signing with Cash Money could offer her a unique edge in very saturated market.

The wheels for her upcoming debut solo album have been in gear since 2005, and only now are we starting to see the fruits of her labor, as I've mentioned before. From previous reports, the album is slated to contain contributions by Daddy Yankee, T-Pain, Flo Rida, Timbaland, Colby O'Donis, and of course, the obvious in Weezy-F-Baby (I've never felt more White than I do when I refer to him in this way, but...::shrugs::). While I'm hesitant to call it a true first single, "Breathe",  a leaked hype track which features a verse by Weezy, has finally surfaced online as a finished product (an original, less whirly-gig version was available on her previous MySpace last year without Weezy), and is available for free download (yes, you read correct) here. The intent is to go viral with the cut (yes, T is yet another artist who gets it -- hugs, mama!), so check it out and make it happen!

"Breathe" is a take-no-prisoners kind of dance cut, perfect for the summer months ahead and sure to be a grower on urban mixtapes. In addition to the musical grind (both an English and Spanish debut are supposedly on the horizon), Ms. T is also doing her acting thing, working as a host a few different musical shows on SiTV and appearing in a few upcoming independant films. She also recently wrapped a tour in South America.

While Lil' Wayne on the whole isn't exactly usual cup of tea musically, I have no problems admitting that having him as an ally can only mean good things for my girl, T. If "Breathe" is any indicator as a tip of the iceberg of what she's got up her sleeve, the world best watch out. It's about time we starting turning the whole world into Solunatics once again!

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