Sunday, February 07, 2010

T Lopez Is Your New Pin-Up Girl

Many people know that I rep with real pride the three solo artists who used to be collectively known in the Latina quartet Soluna (those names being America Olivo, Jessica Castellanos-Peter and T Lopez), and the cogs are finally starting to turn toward the time where I get real, real gushy.

It was thanks to these four, along with Aurora Rodriguez who rounded out their four-piece but is no longer pursuing music to my knowledge, that I was forever changed in my early teen years to believe I could pursue my dream of promoting music. They didn't just treat me as a fan, but a friend. Over the years I spent promoting them, helming their official street team and running both the fansite Soluna Online and later their official website, I not only got to meet them on several occasions, but was able to meet and befriend so many incredible fans who have in turn continued to be some of my more cherished friends. I'll be forever thankful to the four of them, and will continue to support them "For All Time".

(From Left to Right: America Olivo, T Lopez, Jessica Castellanos and Aurora Rodrgiuez)
I've spoken about America and Jessica before on separate occasions -- as America has seen a  little bit of limelight last year with the release of film "Friday the 13th" and her club single "Deja Vu", while Jessica has announced plans to release her solo album independently with production by Tynchy Stryder amongst others.

This post centers around my girl T Lopez, the youngest of the fierce Soluna foursome, who has been hard at work on her debut solo project since the Soluna split back in 2005. Most of the time has been docked with Birdman, Lil Wayne and the crew at Cash Money Records (which also includes the likes of Jay Sean amongst others). She also splits her time co-hosting a music show called "The Drop" on  latino television channel SiTV (select channels, or online at, and is set to appear in two upcoming feature films, "21 and a Wake-Up" and "April Fools".

(This picture was taken by YOURS TRULY at a three-day concert festival in Chicago back in 2004. It was featured on Soluna's official website, and is now in T's photo collection on her MySpace.)

Her promotional docket is finally starting to surface, and she premiered her debut solo single, "Breathe" (which features Weezy), back on New Years Eve in Los Angeles. The performance that night was her coming out party of sorts, as it also featured the world premiere of a brand new track called "Pin-Up Girl", which you can hear in the background of this interview, or see the live performance of below, but I warn you, the sound quality is not so hot (to put it mildly).

It feels like a flurry of info on T's project is starting to surface now, with the prospect of the album, which is set to be self-titled, due for release in "early 2010". It also is set to contain features by (in addition to Lil Wayne) Daddy Yankee, T-Pain, Timbaland, Flo Rida and Colby O'Donis (which you can hear on her MySpace). T has tour dates booked for Japan from April to May, so I'm so excited for this promotional train to start up again! 

T, if you're reading this -- girl, it's been far too long! You better hit me up when you paint New York sparkly red! You know I'll be there front row!

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