Thursday, October 07, 2010

Asher and V Factory are no longer 'Love Struck'

Sigh. What with the onset of my current cold (it's going around people -- drink your orange juice!), I so did not need this today.'s official. BoyBandemonium in America is coming to a screeching halt. (Mel, you can argue it never really had momentum to sta-- SHHH!)

The last of the original new millenium boy band (Johnny Wright) brigade that made up 2008's Bandemonium tour, Warner Brothers' recording artists V Factory have apparently said goodbye to their front man, Asher Book (to further perpetuate my point, in the above picture, he is in the middle). Book confirmed the news on his Twitter account, and it was quickly Re-Tweeted by the group account. He stated,

"I love you sooo much vfactory fans! U have been amazing but I'm no longer with the group! It's been a ride and yes we are all still friends!"

Book was undoubtedly the group's Justin Timberlake if you will, supplying the majority of the lead vocals and eye candy. He also appeared in last year's film remake of Fame, and occasionally pops up on various television programs. It remains unclear how long this decision has been in the making as news on the V Factory front has been relatively quiet since Fame's (lack of) promotion died down. The apparent followup single to 2009's incredible "Love Struck", dubbed "Get Up", set to feature former 3LW member and Fame co-star Naturi Naughton never materialized. Whether Book intends to go the solo route or focus more on his acting also remains to be seen.

I'm not sure where this will leave V Factory. Currently, one of the group's requisite dancers (and former Ashley Tisdale ex), Jared Murillo (see far left in the above picture), is appearing on UK's version of 'Dancing With the Stars', dubbed "Strictly Come Dancing". Other than that, the future looks relatively quiet. If anyone can offer any insight regarding these boys, please let a girl know.

If you read this blog somewhat regularly, you're probably already aware that "Love Struck" topped my list of the Top 2(00)9 Songs of 2009. It seems to be yet another stumbling block toward my dream of another American boy band invasion, but the blow doesn't seem to hurt near as much as the collapse of NLT last year. It seems to be the final nail in the seemingly jinxed Bandemonium tour coffin (which I'm still kicking myself I didn't go to), which also included the aforementioned NLT and the then freshly revamped Menudo. I'm not completely giving up on V Factory until we receive news that tells us otherwise -- although, the odds of their album coming out sometime soon given the circumstance seems pretty naive. least we still have One Call (2 Parts Menudo, 1 Part NLT). Hey Johnny Wright, when are we getting that album again?

Well, Factory of V, I certainly had high hopes for you. But at least NLT put out three videos with all their original members compared to your one. So today, we grieve for what could have been. And I'm blaring this little nugget of 2009 pop gold at 11. For old times sake. Yeah. It still feels good.


John said...

I'm also disappointed by the V not making it big, but I haven't really been driven by individuals in the group. Having said that, I don't see how a group like this moves forward without a really strong lead vocalist.

rcLoy said...

-.-" what a waste, Love Struck is a fantastic song, so much potential but it ended all too soon. RIP V Factory.

Myfizzypop said...

Bugger for V Factory.

There;s always Big Time Rush!!

And oh! I'm sorry i gave you my cold :( It's our twitter love! Tongues and everything!!

Anonymous said...

It's not the end...just yet

Lilly said...

Fame was a good movie; but not sure if Asher has what it takes to make it big as a solo artist (i mean, it worked for JT; but cant say much for other boy banders that went solo), hopefully he stays with acting

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