Friday, October 08, 2010

SHINee Says 'Hello'

Don't call it a 'Comeback'.

As I nurse the pain of yet another American boy band stalling (see below post regarding V Factory), I am once again finding myself turning to my ever-so-adorable Korean boy bands for a (near-) constant supply of squee, choreography and cheesiness. It's almost as if the five boys in my second favorite male KPop group heard my call...

(SHINee, left from right: standing, Minho; kneeling in white, Taemin; standing in red, Key; sitting, Jonghyun; squatting, Onew)

Enter SHINee's most recent video for their "comeback" in the wake of the supreme success and epicness that was this past July's "Lucifer". The song is called "Hello", and it's part of a three song tack-on re-release to their second full length album. Why artists the world over insist on re-releasing material with only a few new songs, I'll never know. (Well, yes, I do's called money.) However, in the instance of SHINee, Lucifer (the album) has only been out for a few months and only spawned one single. It's a glaring example of how much the Asian and American music markets differ, as just releasing one single from a project tends to be a bit of a letdown Stateside, while Lucifer was a huge success. 

The re-release, though, comes as a bigger blow to fans like me who felt like there were plenty more singles left in Lucifer, in my case the strongest being "A-Yo" and "Obsession" (what a wonderful wintery single the latter would be!). The fact that "Hello", a brand new cut, is given to us instead pretty much cements the assertion that any more fresh releases from Lucifer are...(you ready for it?) if hell freezes over. Get it? Yes? No?'s not all bad. "Hello" is a bit of a retread in terms of SHINee expansion in sound, musicality and general boyband amazingess, but it's not too bad of a tune. It grows on you with time (and a little bit of effort). It's more of a harkening to their humble beginnings all those years ago (2008 was literally a world away in KPop land, believe me), and is more along the lines of their debut single "Replay (Noona Is So Pretty)". Gone are the heavy synth, dark eye makeup, "daring" haircuts, backless shirts, potential Illuminati hand gestures (::side eyes::) and loverholics of the robotronic variety. SHINee has regressed into the cutesy noona-baiters (read: jailbait, for those of you who aren't hip to the KPop lingo like moi) they first broke onto the scene as, complete with pouty expressions and bubbles.

The "mini"-transformation wouldn't be complete without the downright Velveeta-licious music video.

A la Paul (Fizzy Pop), here are some thoughts...
  • Is this set on Sesame Street? (Given the group member's ages, it wouldn't be entirely inappropriate.)
  • What was the stylists fascination with gaudy leopard/animal print? I thought Asia was supposedly on-top of the haute couture trends. ::shakes head::
  • I find it strange that I find Minho (the one in the car) the most attractive in their current "concept", and yet he again gets the least screentime. I'm actually quite surprised when he gets a singing solo. Usually he only raps.
  • Jonghyun's (did I spell it right, Nikki?) big, bold voice continues to amaze me. He's certainly the best SM has to offer at this point (considering a certain five-piece group is...on hiatus).
  • Good to see that Key (the one with the ring on the fire escape) has outgrown his unfortunate Flock of Seagulls-esque hairstyle he sported during "Lucifer". Given his penchant for living vicariously through various girl groups (yes, you read correctly -- read into it what you will), I was waiting for him to breakout Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance, or at least some kind of hand flip. Disappointing, Kibum. But back to hair, it's a shame to see that Onew (the one with the bouquet knocking on the door) wasn't as lucky. What kind of mop is that?
  • Speaking of Onew, I find it important to remark he is currently starring as the character originated by American Idol finalist Constantine in the Korean version of the bawdy 80's glam rock Broadway show "Rock of Ages". I'ma just let that one marinate...
  • Can someone please screw all of their ridiculously widespread grins? They are making me vaugely uncomfortable and are only further perpetuating my theory that SHINee are in fact animatrons created by SM Entertainment as stand-ins for easy cash flow. The entire choreography reminds me of the type I myself created at the tender age of six or seven when trying to entertain my babysitter. It's cute at first, but after the third chorus, you kind of want to impale yourself. Taemin (the one in the bedroom set) should know something about this, he was six years old about four minutes ago.
Ahh, SHINee, you always seem to know how to brighten my mood. Now, go get some rest and gather up your strength. Given you're now SM's main boy band in the spotlight, there is much ground for you to cover and I am (not so) patiently waiting for your American New York City invasion.

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rcLoy said...

The company is treating them as a money making machine eh? I am lovin' A-YO too and Minho is growing on me. He look so adorable with that haircut :D

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