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Yes, Enrique, 'I Like It'

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Guilty Pleasure Alert. Break down Enrique Iglesias's latest single "I Like It" into bullet points and you have something that most people would be a bit squeamish to squee over.
  • It was produced by RedOne.
  • It features Pitbull, who references both Jesse James and Tiger Woods in his rap.
  • It samples Lionel Richie's "All Night Long".
  • It is being used as a tie-in with the second season of MTV's Tan "Guidos" Drinking "Jersey Shore".
Yes, I do very much realize that those things combined should be pretty greasy fare indeed. However, there's just something about Enrique that draws me in like a moth to the proverbial flame. While I still prefer his last flop "hit" "Takin' Back My Love" (featuring Ciara or Sarah Connor depending on your preference -- I prefer the latter), "I Like It" is swiftly gaining. 

It's no "Bailamos" (even though it desperately wants to be). Gone are the days of sentimental echoes of love. set to Spanish Guitar. "I Like It" is straight up party fluff, with Enrique attempting to sway a sexy chica while her boyfriend's on vacation (and his girlfriend's busy). I'm quick to feel that Enrique's a bit mature for this kind of lyrical material, but I suppose he'll take what he can grab right now, even if that is a RedOne banger. Based on lyrics (and production team), it is slightly...desperate (but not more desperate that those Shore-ites are to cling to their 15 minutes). In his defense, at least there is no RedOne CallOut Hook in the beginning. Despite this fact, the fact that it was a RedOne joint seemed quite obvious to me immediately. That fact alone is proof positive that RedOne is saturating the market a little too much (and I need to get out more).

While I'll agree to complaints that RedOne's sound is growing a bit stale and tired, at least "I Like It" attempts to sound both fresh and familiar. The Lionel Richie sample drew my ire when I first heard it, but just like Jason DeRulo, Kristinia DeBarge and Alexandra Burke, I admitted defeat because in the very least, it is a free music listen to younger fans. Pitbull continues to be an unwanted earworm to my head -- as with "I Know You Want Me" before it, I just can't stop even if I wanted to. I suppose we can just watch the non "Jersey Shore" version of the video and try to forget the show is associated with it (or that it is airing entirely). 

Even with all these excuses, I still walk away feeling slightly embarrassed of the fact that I've spun this song as much as I have. After listening to the entirety of Enrique's most recent record, Euphoria, which saw release this past week, there are a few other noteworthy tracks, the most surprising of which being the Evan Bogart produced "Dirty Dancer", which features Usher.Yes, Usher. Really.

I can moan and groan about it all I want (and so can you), but the fact of the matter is, I can't stop playing it. Over and over. Let it be known. Yes, Enrique. I like it.

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Myfizzypop said...

there is something quite charming about the song and him... i've just given his album a whirl and some of his back catalogue a revisit and i'm ashamed that i forget what a bonza popstar he can be :) |Enjoy supernatural-con!

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