Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nikki & Rich On the 'Uprise'-ing

I'm glad I jumped on the Nikki & Rich train when I did, because they certainly are blowing up all over the place!

This past Monday my new fave duo was featured on's Mashup Monday series covering one of my fave Muse tunes, "Uprising," (that I was introduced to by Ken over at The Beat Review earlier this year). The cover is gives a fresh turn on the heavier rock track, and it is beyond good good good.


As if that weren't enough, just last night they rocked Jay Leno's Tonight Show with their song "Cat and Mouse" (available on iTunes)...

And for good measure, check out this awesome montage from the showcase I saw the other week thanks to Muphoric Sounds.

I'm so psyched for their full debut record, Everything, you don't even know. Once again, their debut single, "Next Best Thing," is available on iTunes, and the album is due for release on Reprise Records on August 17th.


Maijaliisa said...

You know Mel, I thought of you when I heard about them being on the Tonight Show because I only knew about them thanks to your blog entry! Another score for Melismatic!!!

Drums said...

I agree that this is a fresh take from the original by Muse, but I really think that the drums and percussion on the original version make it an outstanding track.

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