Monday, May 03, 2010

[WGO] Points of Interest

Been a while since I've done one of these, and considering I have been quiet for a minute (how strange), here's what's rolling around in my headphones and got me paying attention. More actual posts are due up later this week.
  • Everyone seems to be talking about how Glee did the "impossible" by getting a #1 debut with their Madonna collection this past week on the Billboard 200. Rightfully due, but it kind of saddens me that the show is getting so much commercial attention (despite radio airplay, as far as I can tell) upon hittint a bit of a slump creatively. Oh well, I'm still grooving to "Express Yourself." That whole set is pretty solid. Kudos, Madonna.

  • I've seen Christina Aguilera's new video for "Not Myself Tonight." Not myself indeed. More like Madonna. Oh well. Bring on Single #2, mama. I'm waiting.

  • Upon first hearing the firestorm surrounding this week's Hot 100 #1 (for the second week in a row) -- B.o.B and Bruno Mars' "Nothin' On You", I was the first to ring the Jason DeRulo alarm in terms of this being a one mega hit wonder. However, I am starting to eat my words with the appearance of "Airplanes" (with lead singer Hayley Williams of Paramore) and "The Kids" (with Janelle Monae). I'm liking what I'm hearing and am interested in B.o.B's final album output. I'm usually not much for R&pop, but this kind of creative collaboration just isn't done with any kind of freshness these days -- not like this, at least. In fact, the full record, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, is on target to be #1 this week if reciepts keep going his way...

  • I've heard the full Robyn disc for Bodytalk Part 1, and felt a little bit let down after being so hyped up (seems to be a bit of a trend these days). Don't get me wrong -- what leaked remains to be killer ("Dancing On My Own", "Dancehall Queen", "Fembots", "None of Dem" all stellar), but the rest kind of goes right through me, and it's a shame. Especially "Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do". Based on title alone, it was a cut I was most interested in hearing for its pure venom, but what I got was a blase laundry list of "My _____ is killing me." Unless there is something I'm not getting, I'm not digging it. However, the half that we already heard make the whole project worth while. Can't wait to see what she's also cooking up for Part 2 and Part 3.

  • Over at radio, Rihanna continues to dominate with "Rude Boy" at Top 40 despite losing the #1 Hot 100 postion. Spins are draining by just a tad, however, and B.o.B's "Nothin' On You" continues it's fierce firestorm to the top, climbing three spots to #2. Don't count out Taio Cruz ("Break Your Heart") or Train ("Hey Soul Sister"), however, both of which staying on the up in spin counts at #3 and #4 respectively. Lady Gaga's "Telephone" seems to have jumped the shark shy of the coveted #1  position, falling to #9 at Top 40, and losing spin counts at an alarming rate. Good riddance, I say -- and bring on the "Muh Muh Muh Monster" (even though I realize we're getting "Alejandro" in its stead -- I can dream, can't I?). Ke$sha is quick to grab her place, as "Your Love Is My Drug" climbs to #6, and is gaining at a rate of 26%.

  • Other tracks to look out for at Top 40: The aforementioned B.o.B single with Paramore's Hayley Williams "Airplanes" lands at #40 and has already doubled its spins in a week; Travie McCoy (former frontman of Gym Class Heroes and Katy Perry's former beau) sees his debut single "Billionaire" climb to #22, gaining almost 200 spins in a week; Jay-Z's most recent cut with Mr. Hudson "Young Forever" sits at #19; and the charming La Roux go Top 20 stateside with "Bulletproof" (and I thought I'd never see the day!). Although -- watch out for wildcard Black Eyed Peas with the eons late "Rock That Body" (Anyone else remember me championing this as a single? ANYBODY?) landing at #27. It has already tripled its airplay spins in one week. And, just to annoy my dear J.Mensah, JLS break the Top 40 barrier with "Everybody In Love" landing at #38, and gaining at rate of 35%. Maybe a boy band will finally be let back into the upper echleons? Somewhere, the 2007 version of NLT is supremely pissed.

  • In terms of my Eastern Hemisphere Listening, I've somehow managed to get one of my co-workers addicted to mini-boyband SHINee (pronounced like "Shiny"). If you are missing some good, bouncy boy band pop (complete with robotic dance moves and a chorus that will not leave your head if. you. try.), I warmly suggest "Ring Ding Dong". It's elastic, and fantastic. Trust me on this. However, I was more personally sidetracked by the debut of TVXQ's (perhaps you've seen them trending on Twitter?) (/DBSK/Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki) Xiah Junsu's (pronounced like She-Ah JUH-N-su) sexy debut solo single "Intoxication". The heat wave is fast and furious with this one, ladies (and gentleman) -- I think you will agree, he's worth some attention. The funny part is, he isn't even considered the super "sexy" one in the currenty on hiatus TVXQ. If this is the mindset the five are on right now, it makes me even more upset they aren't able to continue on currently as a fivepiece. Imagine this, times five. Yeah, I just died.


Myfizzypop said...

is it me or is Glee not as good in the second half of the season? I'm underwhelmed :/ And i want to be at the very least whelmed because I still love the show :) Frankly, the madonna episode was lacking though the music was ace. Did you see the Oprah Glee show? The choir who did Vogue mixed with 4 Minutes on there were amazing!

rcLoy said...

You're back! LOL.
BTW Me!! I remember your championing and complaining about Rock That Body getting a release in Aus, right? Hehe

Hey, I sent you something on Twitter abt Xtina, check it out. LOL. (get back to me after that)

And here I thought I can't find anyone else that is rooting for Monster to be a single! *high5* You're even more fab for that. Haha.

My faves SHINee song = Replay. RDD is a tad annoying after a while. LOL.

Mel said...

Paul - It's not just you, I feel it too. I find myself less excited when it comes on and more just excited for when the new covers come out/leak. The Madonna episode was pretty weak in terms of storyline, but at least the song productions were fierce. I didn't see the Oprah episode but everyone keeps talking about it. :( Maybe it'll be replayed.

Loy - Glad someone remembers re Rock That Body! ;) I saw your Xtina remark. I'm not super into this single, and I'm hoping its not reflective of the whole 'Bionic' campaign. As for SHINee, I'm starting to appreciate "Replay" -- I found it irritating at first. "Ring Ding Dong" is kind of an earworm, no? But still -- I find all five of them to be kind of like gremlins -- they're so young and yet perform all sexy staring down the lense. ::sigh:: I think I'm getting old.

Aaron said...

So far (I've seen one episode) - I don't mind Glee!

B.o.B is rather interesting isn't it - I'm quite liking what I've heard of Airplanes! - Bring on a full album from Bruno Mars too!

Robyn? Awesome - Bring it on!

Lady GaGa? I'm hoping for Dance In The Dark!

So Rock That Body has only got a release here so far??? - Fair enough - We've got Imma Be at the moment! Next, I'm pulling for Out Of My Head!

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