Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Taking A Road Trip

As you read this, I will (hopefully) be in the throws of home (yes...again), as I will be spending the weekend at the lovely home of my closest friend from college. Saturday sees my college's annual concert they organize every year with a nearby school -- it's a free show complete with a street fair earlier in the day. The tradition first began when I was a freshman, and now the idea is in its 5th incarnation -- making this trek my first as an official college alumnus (ugh....). The setlist includes Bad Medicine (a Bon Jovi cover band...I am not joking...I much prefer SNL's version Jon Bovi -- but I won't knock it till I see it) and headliner Jack's Mannequin. It seems to follow a pattern of random cover band and mid-level male artist that appeals to the male demo (last year was a Journey cover band with Eve 6; the year before was a Queen cover band with Head Automatica; you get the picture). I'm more going to see my gal pals from my college days of yore -- most of which I haven't seen since graduation almost a year ago.

Hence this post, as a general mixtape mashup of what will be playing in my ears during the 2.5 hour bus trip to Albany and back again -- giving you a keen idea of the songs that tend to get the most "repeat" performance on my iPod these days.

I apologize right now for the formatting of this post. Blogger is choosing to screw with me. Grrr.

Currently Spinning:
(In addition to the recently mentioned Mini Viva's "One Touch", Robyn's "Dancing On My Own", 2AM's "I Was Wrong" and all of Glee's Madonna playlist...)

B.o.B (featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore) - "Airplanes"
Yes, I've fallen prey to the craze. I actually quite prefer it to "Nothin' On You", to be honest.

The Knife - "We Share Our Mother's Health" (Ratatat Remix)
I'm not quite sure why this Swedish duo wasn't on my radar before, but I'm glad they are now.

(featuring Dragonette) - "Fire In Your New Shoes"
Because anything featuring Dragonette is full of epic win.

Penguin Prison - "Worse It Gets"
Shimmery, funky, light,'s a good 'um. Wish they'd call Melly, instead of Jenny.

Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work" (The Twelves Remix)
Another late-bus rider to the 'Club' with these folks, but hot damn the album is amazing. Can't wait for this to bust wide open in the States.

The Black Keys  - "Tighten Up"
I love the snazzy, vintage feel of this tune. And the whistling.

Drake - "Over" (Amtrak Remix)
Le what, you say? Drake may be riding a little too high on his arguably self-made career, but this remix in particular is a lot of fun.

Empire of the Sun - "Walking On A Dream"
Something about this screams summer to me. Hence the fact I tend to listen to it over and over on days that are particularly sunny.

Nicki Menaj - "Massive Attack"
Definitely not jumping on the Menaj-a-Twain (hehe, I'm so funny....not) with Nicki just yet, but the sound effects and the everything-including-the-kitchen-sink production is kind of addicting. Bwat-Bwat-Bwat-Bwat. Mangos?

And the College Days Staples:

Journey -  "Don't Stop Believin'"
I don't think I really need to introduce why, other than apparently every college student in America, regardless of age, tends to take ownership of this song. And as they should, it's a fun one -- and it kind of exemplifies that optimistic outlook you have (until you graduate and can't find a job...hehe...sob sob).

Justin Timberlake - "SexyBack"
180 randomness you say? Sure. But when this song came out, early during my sophomore year, my roommates and I took to imitating the dance amidst breathless giggles in our dorm. We even videotaped it and forever captured the magic via a ridiculously awful karaoke video. No, I'm not linking. If you haven't already saw it, I suggest you try your ninja-like abilities to find it. Stalkers.

ABBA - "Take A Chance On Me"
Basically the same reasoning as above, except it holds a more sentimental meaning between my closest friend and I. In fact, during our senior year, we had taken to calling each other Bjorn and Anni-Frid respectively. Yes, we're weird. I'm fine with that.

OneRepublic - "Apologize" (Timbaland Version)
Once again, more of a private joke, but all you need to know is our fascination with the line "I loved you with a fire red/Now, it's turning blue", pondering Ryan Tedder's thought process far too deeply. Is he saying his love was once passionate and has now grown cold? Or, considering a flame is hottest when it's blue/purple rather than red, it's burning with a new kind of fervor? Hmmm. Haunting.

Bon Jovi -  "Wanted Dead Or Alive"
Reason #1: Bad Medicine is playing. Reason #2: At one point, my college BFF and I had a run-in with a local videostore (I'm not going into details, I am still a fugitive), and ever since -- whenever we passed the store, we would sing acapella this song's chorus. The store has since gone out of business. We feel slightly guilty. But not really.

Kansas -  "Carry On My Wayward Son"
This is all you need to know. That and The Gospel is on every Thursday, at 9PM Eastern, on the CW. Watch it.


Myfizzypop said...

safe travels! Have a brillopants weekend!!

Aaron said...

Awesome! - Hope you enjoy it!!!

Nice choice with the B.o.B - Interesting, that's for sure!

Glad you love the Kaskade track - I'm A HUGE fan of Kaskade and his last album - Will recommend it to anybody who listens...

Loving the college choices too - SexyBack is pure brilliance, and yes, you may be over analysing the OneRepublic track...just a little...

Mike said...

Ugh god, I remember my fiancee broke up with me right when Apologize was first hitting airwaves. Talk about insult to injury.


how was the trip babe? p.s. thanks for the FFs on Twitter :') xo

Mel said...

Paul - Thanks! I had a great time! Hope you had a good birthday this past week! :)

Aaron - I'm late to the Kaskade Brigade (that rhymes...hehe) but that track is so much fire! :)

Mike - Fiancee? WTF weirdo.

Will - The trip was lovely! It was great seeing all my college friends again. And of course - any time, babe! :)

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