Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time After Time We Will Survive...

Just a little plug and FYI -- if you're into pop/rock with a little something extra, you definitely want to check out Papertongues. The seven member band is managed by Randy Jackson of "American Idol" fame and has signed with a certain record label that has some importance to me. After hearing quite a few of their tracks in office, I am here to tell you they are the real deal, and are definitely a refreshing burst of energy into the pop/rock scene. If you dig interesting voices (kind of like Cage the Elephant, Thriving Ivory or OneRepublic, except wholly different, because it's hard to pinpoint PT's exact sound), you might like them too. Their single "Trinity" is officially on iTunes now, and it's well worth the chunk change should you decide you enjoy them. You can hear a snippet on their freshly spruced up MySpace page.

Just saying.

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