Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Red Blooded Update

More posts are coming soon. I just had no motivation to write this past weekend (which is when I write the majority of my posts, and then set them to appear equally spaced throughout the week...sneaky, I know). I'm going to hammer something out tonight, and a few more things to appear later on in the coming days. Tomorrow night I will be busy at a free (!!) concert featuring Pat Benatar, The Donnas and Blondie. So psyched.

So, what to expect? A 'Back In the Day', a potential 'Last.FM' related post, an analysis of new songs I'm enjoying, and (eventually) a few more detailed album reviews (probably of Kristina DeBarge and possibly of Tynisha listening, J?). I will also be posting shortly (as in, probably on Friday) about the status of one of my fave pop groups, but here's some news on a different fave pop group --

This is from Red Blooded Women's official Twitter page, from real time at the time that I posted this blog (8:20PM Eastern Standard Time). The girls have officially wrapped vocals on their debut album, as you can read from these two tweets, the latest of which being directed at yours truly, because I'm cool like that. ;) And if you want more on RBW and are still unaware of them (where have you been, she asks? haha), I suggest their MySpace.

And to pull a Perez, if you have a "Twitter" account, and haven't followed me yet, what are you waiting for? Trust me, I'm enthralling. Heh.

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