Saturday, July 18, 2009

[WGO] Ch-Ch-Changes...

Here are some updates on some of my favorite well as my favorite guilty pleasures...

+ MJ will continue his chart dominance next week, but Daughtry is expected to take the top position on the Billboard 200.

+ Girls Aloud have taken to the social networking streets to confirm they are NOT splitting up but going on a year long break to pursue other projects. For those who are interested in that front, Cheryl is continuing her work with the indelible Soulshock and Karlin. The former can't stop raving about her on Twitter.

+ For those of you who haven't heard the news, Aly & AJ have officially changed their band name and forged ahead in a new musical direction. I blame Vanessa Hudgens. They will instead be now known as '78Violet', which, I must admit, is somewhat clever, and for whatever reason, reminds me of that other two person pop act, M2M (remember that album, Shades of Purple? Sooo good!). The name change comes from the two sisters favorite numbers (7 and 8), and they are intending to go into a more rock genre. More power to them. In fact, if the rumors are true, the forgotton Disney darlings' new record is set to feature material co-written by a member of Heart and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, with production by Rob Cavallo who created the masterpiece that was/is Paramore's "Decode." Your interest peaked yet?

+ My girl Mandy Ventrice may also going ahead in a new direction, as I've heard lots of things about her forming her own band, titled Exo Exo (XOXO, gettit?). Her MySpace is still intact with her solo I'm unsure on the status. All I know is I hope she still releases her solo material, because it's in-effing-credible.

+ New news on the ladies of Red Blooded Women has gone regrettably dark, as no new blogs or Twitter updates have happened since late May. The last I've heard is the girls were re-recording older songs to feature now new-ish member Katie, and work was being done to finalize a brand new single prior to a full album set being released.

+ Ditto to my lovely girls in Candy Coated Chaos, however, that is most likely due to the fact that all three of them recently graduated high school...The real question is, why don't they have an (updated) Twitter? Huh?

+ After stalking...I mean, reading Nikki Flores' Twitter, I've gleened she continues to be in and out of the studio (occasionally with producer RAS, who has written a ton of amazing stuff for Travis Garland, but more on that boy later...), but not unlike Ms. JoJo, she seems to be a bit frustrated with the pace of her project. ::sigh:: I'm still hoping I'll have her record in my hands before this decade is over.

+ The New Dream had their first official performance back in May (somehow, I missed the memo?), per member Danielle Keaton (who lists herself on Twitter as a "member of the multi-platinum group, Dream". Errr...okay. She also provides a link to a MySpace for the group, which got me hella excited, only to find it was a MySpace for a Denmark-based rock group called The Dreams. WTF. Am I being punked? Meanwhile, the 3/4 of the real Dream (aka Lady Phoenix) continue to plug away at their debut album, and have stated they are attempting to set up studio dates with Diane Warren and Rodney Jerkins.

+ I would like to send a hug to Jessica Simpson. Getting the ditch hurts major, and I can totally relate to her on that front recently (unfortunately). I sincerely think she and I should go meet up and go do some retail therapy together. In fact, I did just that yesterday, and wouldn't you know I bought a super cute pair of her heels?


Myfizzypop said...

i'm sad that it has gone quiet on the RBW and CCC front, especially with so many other girl bands vying for dominance right now. Here's hoping something amazing is just round the corner.

I haven't written them off, but my interest is not peaked by the aly/aj name change. i like them all potential break up songy not rock, but i never give up on someone without hearing the "toons"

Nikki said...

M2M were my very first exposure to pop music back in 1st grade when I didn't know anything and relied on my music channel-watching best friend. Shades of purple defined my early stages of school! haha.

I don't know but I'm curious as to what Cheryl's gonna give us in a solo album. Soulshock and Karlin are insanely brilliant - all the songs I heard of them are great at the very least but I'm a bit iff-y about Cheryl. I mean the girl can sing but for me she's been in the mask of Nadine and Nicola vocally for the entirity of GA's career.

John said...

This is a big ol' heapin' of pop news. You got plenty of sources, don't you? Amazing what you can glean from social networking. Thanks for pulling it all together.

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