Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Shut Up And Watch Me Walk.

I suppose the jury is still out for most regarding the Sugababes' latest single effort, "Get Sexy", off their upcoming (soon to be released in AMERICA!! FINALLY!!) album. After word broke about the song making it's formal debut on a UK radio station a few days ago, I began clamoring to hear the song. And not the lame-o YouTube clip that floated around -- I wanted the real deal. And that's what I got. And I couldn't be happier.

With no new Girls Aloud or The Saturdays to fulfill that vacant spot in my ever-pop-lovin' heart, "Get Sexy" does just fine for me. Everyone I've spoken to about it seems to have a different opinion, and it's usually reflected in an extreme -- it is awesome or it's complete and utter crap. I, for one, am proud to say I'm totally digging it in that guilty pleasure, it's-not-too-deep-and-that's-just-fine-for-me-thank-you kind of way.

If you were expecting something very Catfights, I think you'll be a bit upset, but to me, this is classic 'Babes. It's "Round Round" mixed with "Red Dress" with a bit of "My Love Is Pink", all swizzled together with a season of 'Project Runway' with the latest electro-trends being the ice cubes plunked in (and drunk side by side while bouncing to Red Blooded Women's set at some trendy discoteque in London). In other words, it's familiar Sugababes and unfamiliar Sugababes all rolled into one. Yes, it sounds Lady Gaga influenced, but it is hardly a RedOne knockoff. It was in fact, produced by an relatively unknown production team, dubbed The Smeezingtons.

I'll hardly be one to argue the lyrics are not cliche, they most certainly are. And the Right Said Fred-inspired chorus would be completely lame in every way possible if it was anyone but the 'Babes (and even with's a little hilarious). Really, my only complaint about the song itself is the fact that the chorus doesn't really follow a rhyme scheme, and in my anal-Poindexter mind, I find that slightly bothering. However, overall, if you take the song for what it is meant to be -- a party song that is meant to be danced to at a club with your girls (or your boys, whatever's clever) -- than you will have no complaints. In my humble opinion, the real star of the show is that sizzlin' back beat with the stuttered vocal scratches. If I had a copy of the song completely instrumental, I'd still be dancing. In fact, does the first seven seconds of opening blare remind anyone else of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? Maybe I'm just listening to a little too much Mr. Jackson...

In conclusion, I'm eating this up like candy. Considering I wasn't much for their latest album (even though I did adore "Girls"), I'm definitely stoked to hear more, considering the Sugababes are my longest running fangirl relationship with a UK girl group. And if this is what we have to look forward to -- I seriously need to buy a new party dress to go clubbin'. :)


Myfizzypop said...

it's an odd one. there are elements of the song that i love. then the chorus irritates me slightly. still the more i hear it the more i like it so that can only be a good thing.

Nikki said...

YESSS! to the fact that they're finally breaking the US (a year after my prediction, thank you very much.) but NOOOOOOO. to the song for me. It's just one of those songs that sound so much like a hit that I hate them - repetitive and to my ears, on the verge of being melody-less.

I was expecting more 'About You Now'-ish songs but oh well. AT LEAST THEY'RE TARGETING THE US! Will be watching the development of that for sure.

Linus said...

I just stumbled onto your blog by accident and I am loving this! I might just be your first Swedish follower, but I'm gonna promote the hell out of your blog. I love it! Keep it up.

Mel said...

Paul - I absolutely agree. The more I listen, the more I like it.

Nikki - So psyched they are finally getting a proper US release. They tried to market "Hole In the Head" here and it failed miserably. If they had tried with "Red Dress" or "About You Now", we wouldn't have had this problem.

Linus - Thank you so much! I'm flattered and honored! I wish I could read Swedish! :(

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