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[Free MixTape] A Tribute To My Internship

There is no question that college helped me grow into the person I am today: driven and confident in my career aspirations. But it was the past three months I spent at spoke of a major label that solidified any lingering questions I might have had about pursuing this crazy, winding path that is the music business.

Here you will find a mixtape of artists I got the pleasure of working with. I will not post artist names or track names, as I do not want this to get flagged for copyright violation. It ranges in style from pop, pop rock, rap rock, hip hop and singer/songwriter pop. It will only be up for a few days, so get it while you can. It features six of the label's seven official artists (the seventh was only just signed a month ago). This is in tribute to the past three months! Here's to the future, ya'll!

>GRAB IT here. Limited Time Only

ARTIST ONE (Tracks 1-2)
This is the label's undisputed biggest artist, who everyone and their mother should and do know. It was first drove my interest to the label. I can't say I had the pleasure of meeting them (unfortunately), as they were sort of in an off period while I worked at the label. The three tracks are my three favorite songs by the band. Fans would be happy to know that a new album is on the horizon -- probably late this year or early next year.

(1) was their most recent real "hit" radio wise, and features a particular popstar in dispute right now...

(2) was my favorite song from their most recent effort (which went 2X platinum -- 2 million sold in the US), and the version I've included is from their recent remix album that was released just before I began working at the label. It features one of my favorite R&B divas of all time that I saw in concert this two summers ago...

ARTIST TWO (Tracks 3-5)
This is the label's second biggest artist -- and its success shocked even the President (of the label, not Mr. Obama). They have sold almost 1.3 million copies in the US, and are beginning to solidfy themselves as rock mainstays. I first heard of this band thanks to one of my closest college friends, who is a big rock head -- we all affectionately refer to her musical taste as "sacrifice your dog and punch babies". This group is not quite as intense, though. They had a pretty big Top 40 radio hit here, too, which is included. Their second album is due out either late this summer or early fall -- with a first single coming VERY soon. I've heard a bunch of new tracks while in the office -- and if you like Paramore, you will dig them.

(3) was their big radio hit -- and the song that turned me on to listen to the rest of the album.

(4) was written by the lead singer, who I had the pleasure of meeting, about the Colombine school shootings.

(5) was my absolute favorite song of the entire album.

ARTIST THREE (Tracks 6-8)
These crazy guys are the label's current darling, charting on the Top 200 since their album dropped late last year, and still selling around 25-30K a week. If you haven't heard of them yet, you either: (1) will, or (2) only listen to pop. They have made a big name for themselves in the rock radio arena, especially among the scene kids. I'll admit that as a pop diva myself, I was a little hesitant to their music in the beginning. But after spinning the record many times, I have to say that they do have a pop appeal, kind of Linkin Park meets Eminem. If you can get past the sometimes brutally explicit lyrical content (sorry -- I only have explicit versions), I'm here to tell you that after meeting these guys in person -- they are every bit what they swagger to be. They are completely, entirely and unequivocally insane. But some of them are really sweet, too. They just don't want you to know that part. :) And for those of you who fear they might be a bit too much for the average pop listener: their average fan is 14 and female, and they have been described (in a "negative" way) as being Nine Inch Nails meets *NSYNC. And hey -- they won me over.

(6) is their current radio single, and surprisingly politically minded. It speaks like an anthem for today's youth culture -- and I find the video particularly poignant. It is by far my favorite song by them, and is probably their most serious.

(7) is definitely a good sum up for what this group preaches to be about: hanging out, clubbing, drinking, picking up girls and Los Angeles. Done and dusted.

(8) is arguably their most "emo" song in terms of lyrical content, but its the lyrics that make me like it so much -- probably because a lot of people in the "scene" community find it so relatable.

This artist is making a huge name for himself based on his music that breaks down barriers between style, genre and culture, and also for his political stance toward what is currently going on over in Africa, his old home. His entire album is good, from beginning to end, and was released while I was here - so I got to see the process happen in real time -- and documented that here on the blog (see "Life of an Intern"). Currently, he's relatively underrated -- and it's criminal. I see big things happening for him -- and if they don't, it is proof positive that the hip hop community has abandoned completely what it was created on. I also got to meet him -- and he was very sweet.

(9) features samples from Ethiopian folk songs, and he rhymes about the REAL hood back in Africa. Bet you haven't heard that from a rapper in awhile.

(10) features a searing guitar backdrop provided by the right hand man of one of rock's biggest and most legendary groups in recent memory (HINT: they were the ones who brought illegal downloading to the forefront...get me now?). And it's ridiculously catchy.

(11) is currently his main single going toward Top 40 adds (he has another different single going for Rhythmic adds that's more uptempo and features the lead singer of ARTIST ONE). It is 456% my favorite song on the the entire album. But let me tell you -- the recorded version does not even begin to do justice to how it is when you see it live!

This singer songwriter has been with label the longest except for Artist One, and the label is currently trying to re-vamp up the energy behind his project in anticipation for the release of his second full record later this year.

(12) is his most recent single, and reminds me of a very very stripped down vibe of Gavin DeGraw's latest release if it had a baby with Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson's latest efforts.

In a super exclusive and possibly legal-inducing move, I present to you the one track I have by this artist. They are still in super super development mode, and hope to release a single in the late summer. They will join Artist Two on the road quite shortly, and are drawing comparisons to Coldplay, OneRepublic and Thriving Ivory. The album still isn't finished.

(13) will will not be their first single. It's just a hype song. I have a pretty good idea of what will be the first single, but I do not have a copy of it -- I'm pretty sure it's being held down by lock and key.

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Seems like you had a blast. I am partial to artist number one myself. I can't wait for their third album (how come in America second album are sophomore albums but third albums aren't Junior?!?!) and still revisit their first and second regularly. LOVE. THEM.

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