Monday, May 04, 2009

V Factory is LOVE STRUCK, NLT is just EFFED Up

The Good News:

The full video for V-Factory's incredible "Love Struck" should be coming soon.

The Bad News:

...and people - this is not a drill. NLT has broken up. So now we'll never get to hear the incredible things the could have done. Frowny face. And if you don't believe me, believe Travis Garland, one of the former group's frontmen, who IMO has a real potential for a solo career...

"There's been a lot of rumors going around about "the end of NLT". I've been really wanting to clear things up, but that wasn't up to me. There was a lot of things going on that had to be cleared up before this statement could be written. Thank you all for your patience & for your understanding...

Is NLT done?
There's no easy way to say it.. but yes. Unfortunately, the group is done. We aren't together anymore. Being in NLT has been a dream come true for me & I know it was for the other boys too. Thank you, all of you, for helping us to make that dream a reality. As much as a few people might think the blame lies with one person, it doesn't. It doesn't rest on my shoulders. Just like it doesn't rest on kevin's. Just like it doesn't rest on jj's, or on v's. There's no sense in pointing the finger at anyone, because you have to understand that everyone involved wanted this to work & put their heart and soul into their efforts to make it work. Blaming someone may make you feel better about it.. but the simple fact is.. one singular person didn't cause this. It took a complicated mess of things to break up NLT. The label wasn't prepared to spend more money on the group. There was a legal situation holding us back. Kevin got a great opportunity that would require a lot of his time. At some point you have to sit back & evaluate the big picture. Where do we go from here? Given the situation.. we didn't have many options. Sometimes it's just not meant to be..."

I have to say I kind of saw it coming. We haven't heard anything really new from those boys in a very long time...To read the whole thing, check out Travis Garland's MySpace.


Nikki said...

WHY?? hahah. But it was coming. Even if we prepare ourselves for the demise of a band, when it hits it kinda hits hard.

They were the ones I was hoping to lead this whole 'boyband' thing this year with an album and some brilliant singles.. oh well.

Myfizzypop said...

goodness me. although they seemed to be piffling around flirting with trying to become big for ages. it must be quite frustrating and tiring and disheartening to believe you are the next big thing and then have nothing happen. hopefully VFactory will make it!

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