Sunday, May 10, 2009

Radio Roundup

It's been a super long while, and there's a lot to talk about. :) First: the stuff that is directly related to me...

+ If you didn't catch my previous post, I have posted a mixtape of songs by the artists I got the chance to work with at my internship, which has officially ended. So you might wanna check that sucker out.

+ Candy Coated Chaos posted a performance of "Masquerade" from a recent show to their YouTube. Go watch the goodness. And if you haven't already downloaded their latest, "Utopia", on iTunes what are you waiting for?

+ Tomorrow, I will be attempting to make a second appearance on The View. To stay abreast of the developments in ridiculous detail, keep an eye on my Twitter. The reason for my attempt? En Vogue will be performing! Hopefully THIS song. Or this one. Heck, any song by them would be effing amazing.

NOW, moving on to other things:

+ A ton of new music has leaked and I've never had time to post about anything that I've been interested in. It's time to remedy that....
  • Cobra Starship, who I've never paid much attention to before, has just put out a new single with that brunette from 'Gossip Girl' (who apparently sings now?). It's called "Good Girls Go Bad", and it's pretty cookie-cutter power-pop emo glitter. Which means it's passable but nothing extra-ordinary.
  • The new single from the Brothers Jonas, entitled "Paranoid" and rumored to be a stab back at Taylor Swift, has begun making the rounds. While the sound is definitely new and different for Mickey Mouse's favorite band of bros, I'm not so sure I'm feeling it. Maybe some of you will be happy to hear that. I'll probably still get the new album though. I'm a sucker for Italian boys with guitars.
  • Green Day's new single, "Know Your Enemy", has been out for a while, and their new album is due out quite soon. I'm not the biggest Green Day fan, but I always felt like they couldn't ever top American Idiot, and "Know Your Enemy" kind of proves it with its repetitive chorus. Despite this fact, I still find myself playing it. ::shrugs::
  • Daughtry's latest single, "No Surprise", should come as "No Surprise" to everyone, because it sounds like all of their other stuff to me. I mean this in a good way, it'll just take some time to grow on me. It wasn't as awesome incredible as when "It's Not Over" first came out, but I suppose it's a passable first sophomore single.
  • Kaci, who I only really remember for a random cheese-pop cover of "I Think I Love You" several years ago, has reappeared again with a new single called "Crazy Possessive" that I adore. There are two versions floating around -- an electropoppy one and a hip hop-ish one. Both versions are the ish, and the lyrics are so catch-phrase-y (especially "Call my man again and I'm a (silence) you up"). Sidenote: it's strange to hear her all grown-up. Her voice is much deeper and raspier than I recall...more P!NK than JoJo, if it makes sense...not that she sounds like either of those, but you know what I mean. She almost sounds Katy Perry esque...kinda.
  • My girl Mandy Ventrice is prepping a release of "Hussy", and has premiered a remix dubbed the 'Let It Burn Pyro Remix' that glorifies how awesome that song is, but also how awesome Mandy's voice is. The remix hasn't outrun the original cut for me just yet, but it's still good stuff. You can listen to it at her MySpace.
  • I never would have thunk it several years ago, but I'm actually kinda interested to hear the rest of Hilary Duff's new material after hearing a rip of "Any Other Day", a soundtrack single for her upcoming film. I was never too keen on Hilary back in her glory days of "Come Clean", etc, but ever since I heard "With Love" in those ever-prevalent perfume commercials, I decided I should maybe give her another look. The entire Dignity album really shook me, and I gave her props for wanting to do her own thing on a label that clearly wanted cookie cutter pop. Now free from her Hollywood Records restraints, Hil is taking what she did on Dignity to a whole other level. "Any Other Day" is interestingly dark, but still glitters with electro-y sparkle. Go on, girl!
  • I'm sure I will mention this again once the video actually drops, but Universal Motown is really upping it's game with its pop artists. First, Jada, and they are now repping their latest solo darling, Tina Parol. Tina claims she's most influenced by Queen and Blondie (which is awesome), but I don't really hear it in her Ashlee Simpson-esque power pop. She also will be doing several dates with Forever the Sickest Kids and Cash Cash. However, the first single, the kitshy "Who's Got Your Money" is frighteningly catchy. Plus -- my roommate is a dancer in the video. :) So...when that does drop...I will give her proper fame. Ha.
  • Tynisha Keli is getting a little bit of buzz on the blogs. Her Japan-only released debut album dropped a few weeks back. I'll admit to being late to the party with her - I first heard about her after seeing her in Ashley Tisdale's top friends list on MySpace about a month and a half ago. The album is pretty run of the mill but a handful of tracks get a constant repeat on my iPod - especially "Shatter'd" and "Walls Up".


Myfizzypop said...

well, i like the candy coated chaos stuff :) Jonas Bros, i'm not feeling either and the sitcom was dreadful!! I'm not convinced by Blair Waldorf as a popstar yet but i remain open to the possibility! Good luck with En Vogue. Love them :)

Mel said...

Paul -- Despite the excuses I tend to make for those boys, I can't get into the sitcom either or the new song. It just sounds atonal and weird. It's trying to go for this 'Flight of the Conchords' feel...and it just feels awkward and forced. Unfortunately - it didn't work out with En Vogue, so I had to make due with watching it on television...

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