Monday, May 11, 2009

Submit Q's For JADA!

As you may have read by my Twitter, I didn't get in to The View to see En Vogue. Super bummer. I will be trying again for the show tomorrow (if the weather cooperates). However -- in a quartet harmony girl group transition:

I received an email from Universal Motown's girl group, Jada (their MySpace is here) about doing an interview them. If you read this blog on occasion, you probably know how much I love these girls, and how much I've been looking forward to their popaliciously RedOne and Insomniax produced debut. Their first single, "American Cowboy", was my 23rd most played song of 2009 (so far) . So, to get the honor to interview them is a definitely something that I want to pass on to you all.

If you have a question you'd like answered by the women of Jada, leave it here in a comment or e-mail it to me at Any and all questions will be accepted (within reason, obviously). Please do this as soon as possible, as I would like to send questions out to them by the end of the week.

While you're thinking, check out this video of the ladies breaking their single "American Cowboy" down acapella style at a radio station near my hometown! If you're not won over by their adorability and sheer talent, there is something truly wrong with you. :)


Poster Girl said...

Wow wow wow! I don't have any questions yet, but what a great opportunity. "American Cowboy" is fantastic and I hope it does well for the girls.

Anonymous said...

wow I love them and I wanna know where they're originally from like where did they all grow up and go to school at? Were they good students or rebels?

Anonymous said...

i was surprised at the singing...i haven't seen a girl group really sing in a long nice. I see big things for Jada!

Anonymous said...

love these girls! where did they learn to sing like that?? that's what i want to know!! also do they write their own music??

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