Monday, April 27, 2009

[WGO] Know Your Poker Face

Most Added Songs To Radio Stations This Week:
-Katy Perry "Waking Up In Vegas" (Top 40)
-Taking Back Sunday "Sink Into Me" (Alternative)
-Jeremih "Birthday Sex" (Rhythmic)
-Green Day "Know Your Enemy" (Active Rock)
-Rob Thomas "Her Diamonds" (Hot AC)
-Chrisette Michele "Ephihany" (Urban AC)
-Miley Cyrus "The Climb" (Adult Contemp)
-Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me" (Country)
-Staind "This Is It" (Rock)
-Young Money "Every Girl" (Urban)
-Pete Yorn "Don't Wanna Cry" (AAA)

While the Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" continues to dominate sales charts, it's still not quite the biggest thing on the radio (even though I did hear it quite a bit on Z100 this past week). Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" is still the biggest record at CHR/Top 40 radio this week. But -- something tells me my favorite kooky popstar's time at the top of popular radio is drying up, at least for this single. "Boom Boom Pow" comes in a close #2 with a spin increase rate of almost 11%. (However, don't count Gaga out of the game just yet -- "LoveGame" makes its debut into the Top 40 Pop Radio Radar this week, jumping up to #46 from #85 with a ridonculous 546.2% spin increase of just 13 spins last week to 84 this week. This one's gonna grow. Fast.)

Britney Spears' "cryptic" "If You Seek Amy" finally bounces up into the Top 10 at Pop Radio, landing at #9 and increasing in spins by a modest 5.5%. I finally heard the radio cut this past weekend, and the "If You SEE Amy" bit makes me laugh everytime. Shinedown also achieves a Top 10 hit at Pop Radio with "Second Chance", to give them their first proper pop hit (at least that I can recall). I believe all of their singles have gone Top 5 on the Rock Radio charts...

The rest of the Pop Top 10 are: Flo Rida "Right Round" (#3), Soulja Boy "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" (#4), All American Rejects "Gives You Hell" (#5), T.I. & Justin Timberlake "Dead and Gone" (#6), Kelly Clarkson "My Life Would Suck Without You" (#7) and Jamie Foxx "Blame It" (#8).

Jesse McCartney's "How Do You Sleep" falls from #8 last week to #11, finally getting a spin decrease for the first time in what feels like literal months. Beyonce's "Halo" remains at #12 (which seems odd to me -- as I heard it about a million times on various radio stations on the drive back to NYC this past weekend). The Fray slip quite a bit to #13 from #9 with "You Found Me" decreasing in spins by more than 8%.

Kid Cudi and 3OH!3 continue to make big strides in terms of spin increases (almost 13% and 15% respectively) and land back to back at #15 and #16. Flo Rida's other single, "Sugar" with Wynter Gordon (or is it just "Wynter" now? I prefer her full name.) also continues a slow ascent, landing at #17, up from #23.

The undisputed chart racer seems to be Katy Perry and her one two punch with "Waking Up In Vegas" increasing in spins by almost an impressive 258% to land at #36 (up from #51), and her penned Kelly Clarkson tune "I Do Not Hook Up", increasing in spins by a whopping 54.6% to land at #22, up a whole 10 spaces. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I much prefer it to "My Life", even if it is a Katy Perry original. I won't go as far as Billboard has by saying it could be confused with a modern day Pat Benatar record, but it is pretty snappy...P!NK's new one, "Please Don't Leave Me", also scores a big spin increase of almost 40%, landing at #24, up from #33. That is even more proof that P!NK isn't going anywhere -- and who would have thought that when "There You Go" came out ten years ago this month?...

The Ting Tings continue to vye for a Top 20 hit with "That's Not My Name", increasing in spins by almost 15% to land at #31 this week. It's hard to believe "Shut Up And Let Me Go" didn't even go Top 40 on the Hot 100. America makes me ashamed sometimes...

People keep saying "Hello" to Kristinia DeBarge's Bananarama-esque "Goodbye". It increases in spins by more than 80% to land at #40, officially a member of the Top 40 chart club...The same cannot be said for V Factory, however, as "Love Struck" flounders slightly in limbo, remaining static at #42 and decreasing in spins by 8.5%.

Sean Kingston, Jessie James and my girl Paula DeAnda also are poised to pack a potential punch with all of their singles breaking the Top 50 barrier ("Fire Burning" at #44, "Wanted" at #45 and "Roll the Credits" at #49 -- even if the later is a semi-snorefest -- what ever happened to "Stunned Out"?!?)

Over on the Rhythmic Chart, Jamie Foxx continues to hang on to the top spot with "Blame It" but he might be overtaken soon by Kid Cudi, whose "Day N Night" lands up one spot to #2. The rest of the Top 10 is pretty static with only minor changes: Soulja Boy (#3), Black Eyed Peas (#4), T.I./Justin Timberlake (#5), Lady Gaga ("Poker Face") (#6), Flo Rida ("Sugar") (#7), Pitbull ("I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)") (#8), Keri Hilson ("Turnin' Me On") (#9) and The-Dream ("Rockin' That Thing") (#10).

Keri Hilson preps another potential hit (although its not so much on the radar over at Pop) with "Knock You Down" landing at #17. Jeremih's "new" single "Birthday Sex" is officially Top 20 at glad that is what the kids are listenign to. (rolls eyes) Ciara continues to fall (just as she did over at Pop) with "Love Sex Magic" landing at #25 (from #17 last week). "Never Ever" climbs slightly, at #37 (up from #38).

Blast from the I-Don't-Want-To-Remember-You Past, Hurricane Chris ("Bay Bay Bay" anyone? No? I thought so) returns with his new single "Halle Berry (She's Fine)" charting at #32 Rhythmic, up from #40 with almost 50% spin increases, and Brooke Hogan and her new single "Falling" (with Stacks) breaks the Top 50 barrier to #46 and is increasing by 10%.

Britney's "F.U.C.*. Me" (aren't I clever?) lands at #39 Rhythmic and is increasing in spins by almost 26%. Utada begins to make an impact at American radio, landing at #40 Rhythmic with "Come Back To Me" and is increasing in spins by 33%! Yay for internationalism!

And in Girl Groups With Potential News: Electrik Red's breakthrough track "So Good" hits #47 Rhythmic. The bad news: it's up three spots chartwise thanks to one additional spin this week...

And briefly at Alternative Radio -- Green Day predictably hits #1 at the Alt Format with "Know Your Enemy". Not their best work, but it works, I suppose. Kings of Leon hold strong at #2 with "Use Somebody", and "Sex On Fire" continues to increase in spins at #14. Also - Cage the Elephant, who is no doubt increasing in popularity thanks to "Ain't No Rest for The Wicked" being featured as a Free Song of the Week at iTunes (they certainly have for me), land at #13 on the Alt Format this week and are increasing by 9%. Depeche Freakin' Mode's new single, "Wrong", lands at #15, down one spot and recieving slightly negative spins...doesn't make them any less cool in my book. And the Yeah Yeah Yeah officially go Top 20 with "Zero" landing at said position.


John said...

I am LOVING this format! Thanks for putting so much work into it. BTW, where's Madcon at in airplay? Looked like they were growing a bit last week.

Mel said...

John -- I can't believe they slipped my mind! They stated static in terms of chart placement (#47 Top 40) but are increasing in spin rate by quite a bit (up almost 16%) and are getting about 160 spins this week per that song! :)

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