Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RaRa! Mel's a Girl Group Cheerleader!

+ For those of you who are curious on the status of being able to buy Candy Coated Chaos' music legally via iTunes, I spoke to the girls via MySpace the other day, and they stated the estimate they were given of when their singles were expected to pop up in the store was mid-May at the very latest. So...anytime now...Keep your eyes open.

+ Today is/was a good day for positive Sugababes news. My friend, The Prophet, announced today that he had heard word that the girls had signed an AMERICAN DEAL with Jay-Z's Roc-a-fella Group, which means they will finally be impacting American ears in a big way (as they should have been all along!). And now, thanks to the groups' Twitter, we have learned that work on their upcoming album is in full swing -- and they are set work with Red One! I can barely contain my excitement! I can just hear it now: "Red Oneeee....Suga-babessssss..."

+ Everyone's been talking about it to death, but news has leaked about a Cheryl Cole solo album of the R&B persuasion (odd?) thanks to Soulshock and Karlin giving away vague details on their Twitter. Now, I don't think of this as the onslaught of the apocalypse like many people do -- so long as Girls Aloud doesn't make like *NSYNC and completely fall off the radar after one member decides to pursue a solo "side" project...Cheryl's got this much going for her though -- even though I don't think she's the greatest singer of the group -- she is going after the right people for a killer R&B album. Soulshock & Karlin? Not only are they sweet -- they are ridiculously talented! :)

+ It's not quite girl group news persay - but it does involve two very talented girls. P!NK recently stated on her Twitter that it is official -- her US headlining tour will feature The Ting Tings as her opening act!!! Where do I get tickets?

+ Now -- on the subject of Girls Can't Catch...the jury is still out here. I know Pop Justice among several others are championing their favor...but to me they still sound like a The Saturdays b-side band. Don't get me wrong -- the minute I hear a killer track from them, all of that can (and will) change. But I haven't heard it yet. Fingers crossed they'll start putting up more clips of more finished music on their MySpace. What's everyone else's take?


Myfizzypop said...

oh viva candy coated chaos. i have been neglecting them lately, i will have to remedy that.

I am interested in the various girl groups floating around. There is one called No Means Yes. How dreadful is that name. Ever so rapey i feel :(

Cheryl - oy gevalt. Everytime i think of solo rnb album i think of posh spices aborted effort :(

Anonymous said...

plus JADA's hot new video just premiered on their website!! AMERICAN COWBOY WOHOO!

Anonymous said...

saw Girls Can't Catch in Sheffield and thought they were pretty good actually. They can all sing and although I wasn't a particular fan of their stage outfits, they did have 2 really fab tunes and really wellied it on stage! Will wait to hear the final studio version of something but as a live act they had a lot of energy.

Poster Girl said...

I'm definitely looking forward to the Sugababes' next album. I loved their last one, but I'm hoping for at least a handful of songs on this next one that have a bit more of that edge--be it fun, sexy, both, or something else entirely--we know they can do so well. I hope RedOne does his best work for them.

Yeah, I'm feeling much more casual/less stressed about Cheryl's solo album, too. It'd be fantastic if Xenomania and her team up for a song or two, but I can see her making something pretty good even without them--at the least a handful of great songs, even if it's not fantastic throughout. I expect it may have a more "American" sound to it (even if there are no intentions to take it to the U.S. and many of the songwriters aren't American, just ones American acts often work with), but it'd be even better if it could mix in some of that only-the-Brits-do-it type of pop.

Girls Can't Catch's "Keep Your Head Up" has potential in my eyes--even if the end result will be Saturdays-ish--but it's it desperate need of better production than the clip they had on their MySpace.

Nikki said...

hahah. Red One and the Sugababes should sound brilliant - as long as they don't get a 'Just Dance' clone.

I used to quite like Cheryl's voice but she seems like too much of a media whore nowadays. I can understand a little press here and there but compared to Nicola, Nadine, Kim and Sarah, she's getting heaps more publicity than she should have. Oh well, as long as they don't start cat fights backstage I'm fine.

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