Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm still trying to figure out why and how people spend so much time on Twitter. Follow me, and I'll follow you. But for those of you who like Twitter posts and Red Blooded Women:


Myfizzypop said...

twitter is kind of a let down. i barely have time to blog and email my buddies let alone think of witty things to say about the mundane comings and goings of my life!! still, i don't want to miss anything amazing so i am stalking, er following many popstars... :)

Ken said...

redblooded women are fab! I effin' love their single "Enjoy The Silence" but I've never got the chance to review them. Hopefully, I'll get the chance soon. Anyways, Twitter is quite addictive.

Mel said...

Paul - :) Same with me. My life is definitely not that interesting, but it's so rad to get that insider view into the mind of popstars. I do the same thing!

Ken - :) I love them too, and the cover is in.cred.ible! :)

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