Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Late Night With Melismatic! (Part Deux)

I was once again featured on the 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' program that I just got back from the taping of. Tonight features Seth Meyers, the head writer of "Saturday Night Live", and his brother Josh Meyers (who was on "MadTV" and "That 70's Show" on the later years), as well as Michelle Trachtenburg (spelling?) and a BMX biker Mike Spinner. The show will air later tonight on NBC, and then will be put up on HULU, so I will put up a link once its uploaded.

The show was geniunely very good and very funny. I'm proud to see Jimmy's progressed quite a bit since I saw him in his second week. He's now on his 33rd show -- and he joked about it being Earth Day. His bit with Seth and Josh was particularly funny -- and Michelle was a really good sport and looked gorgeous. I totally want her dress...and her shoes. Josh's suit (which you'll see if you watch tonight -- and I want to know if any of you agree with me) looked a little zoot-suit-ish, but apparently that must be how he dresses. That coupled with his hair style -- I was waiting for some kind of zinger but it never really came.

I don't know if Seth is the older or the younger of the two brothers, but he seemed like the younger because he was much more demur in his little black cardigan. Although I'm not too much of a fan of his style of 'Weekend Update', I did like him a bit more after seeing him in person. He's very cute in person, honestly. I was hoping for a little "Weekend Update" joke off or something from the segment, since Seth is the current host and Jimmy used to host it with Tina Fey, but that never happened, sadly.

I am on camera in one bit -- when Jimmy comes up into the audience to do an audience gag bit about "Riffing with The Roots". No, he didn't choose me, but he does stand right near me and you can see me in the shot (much to my suprise and bewilderment -- I don't like how I look on TV! haha!) I'll try and find a screen grab to post. He also ran into the audience while the credits rolled and slapped hands wtih people and he touched mine! I almost died -- I've loved Jimmy since I was about in the 8th grade...le sigh.

Unfortunately, there was no musical guests for this episode (which sucks because yesterday was effing Chester French). But -- for you SNL nerds -- I did see Steve Higgins (the announcer) and Michael Shoemaker up very close. :)

And for those of you who do watch it tonight -- yes, we did get free hot dogs, but no, I don't think it was a year's worth. :)


Myfizzypop said...

look at you living the high life in new york. the highlight of my evening was watching The APprentice (UK version obv) and then having an early night with harry potter (not literally you understand!)

Mel said...

Paul - :) I try. Haha. But I must say, I'd much rather be in LDN if given the chance.

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