Thursday, April 23, 2009

Danity Kane: From the Ashes

So, my friends...tonight is the live finale of MTV's "Making the Band", and Diddy himself has left us all hanging in suspense as to whether or not all five members of the former Danity Kane would be present, in order to provoke this imagery of Danity Kane possibly getting back together.

When I first heard this last week, I tossed it off as a bad attempt at publicity to get people to tune in to the finale. I assumed Donnie Klang and Day26 (now complete with a #2 sophomore album debut this week) would perform, and maybe they'd unveil solo material from Dawn Richard (until I heard rumors of her possibly signing with Lil Wayne not unlike her group mate, D.Woods).

My roomie and I are both big Danity Kane fans from the very first season of the show. With that being said, I have to admit, I did not like the way the group was progressing. The music was fantastic, but the group felt very compartmentalized -- both on the artist roster, and between it's five members. By the time "Bad Girl" was released, I had the feeling that each girl was more interested in her own professional agenda (cough::Aubrey::cough) than furthering the current opportunities as a group.

Of course I'll be thrilled of it does turn out tonight that Danity Kane are giving it another go, but don't mark me down as 100% optimistic just yet. Diddy himself said he wouldn't feel comfortable pursuing another group with Aundrea. He flat out fired Aubrey. D.Woods walked out. (In fact, thanks to my insider sources with D.Woods, I was under the impression that she was "absolutely, 100% done with Danity Kane and 'Making the Band'.") Shannon, although insisting she was impartial in this fight, refused to be featured at all on the "Making the Band" program this past season.

However -- it would be one killer publicity trick for the books if the group pulled it together and returned. Their breakup drama was the real reason why anyone tuned in at the beginning of the season (and the better-than-expected tunage from Day26 was why most people least it was the case for me). But never did they ever articulate the real reason why they broke up. There was no press conference, no reason -- just mysterious insider "we know what happened" B.S. I have to admit I was hurt by this. As a dedicated fan who literally watched this group emerge and gain success before my very own eyes, I felt like I deserved an explanation for why they were breaking up. It's only common courtesy. Because without the fans, there would have literally been no Danity Kane.

If they do in fact "reunite" tonight, I hope it is because the girls came to their senses and realized that they are much stronger as a group then any of them will be solo. I hope it was a mutual decision made in the recent weeks. Because if this does come true, I have this sinking feeling that it might have been an idea concocted by Diddy to get the girls the upmost of publicity. And not to sound like a conspiratory plot, but if this whole breakup idea was created purposefully, I would never ever listen to them, Diddy or Bad Boy artists again. That, to me, is the upmost insult toward fans who loved and supported this group, and to play with their emotions like that is the lowest of the low.

The idea of a reunion first cropped up in my mind after seeing Diddy's annoying tease after last week's "Making the Band". My roomie and I were discussing the idea of a reunion last night and how exciting it would be. We even thought about going down to Times Square to see it happen in person (but I'm pretty sure we won't be -- because we don't want to miss a minute of the episode -- I'm willing to forsake one episode of my beloved "Supernatural" for this, so it better be good!). So I checked Wikipedia, and it mentioned an upcoming 2009 album on DK's discography called "From the Ashes". I blinked, and assumed it was some idiot attempting to play with fans emotions, seeing as anyone can update that site.

I then figured that if anyone had heard anything to positively corroborate this, it would be my gossip-mongering friend, The Prophet. So I click over this blog and what's the first post I see? A post about Danity Kane and how this hoax might actually not be a hoax...

What do you think? And if Danity Kane does reunite tonight -- are you psyched? Annoyed? Indifferent?

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John said...

You know, it's tough to say, since a lot of the buzz you hear on these things is on the Internet, where fans can seem much more numerous and rabid than reality is off of the Internet. My gut is that people aren't really holding their breath for a reunion. IF they were going to reunite, the best thing they could do is have a KILLER song all ready to go, and then let the music do the talking. At the end of the day, they've really only had one true radio hit, and that's not enough to think a reunion is going to generate huge buzz for Diddy.

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