Monday, April 20, 2009

Colour Me Crazy

+ FYI - This is my 200th post! Yay for long-term commitment! Also, Melismatic was named Blog of the Day for today at the Blog of the Day Awards, which of course makes me very happy, indeed. I highly suggest to all my blogging cohorts here to submit their gorgeousoso sites as well.

+ For your up to the second chart coverage, Hits Daily Double has uploaded the scores with just under 40% of the receipts in, with the "Hannah Montana" soundtrack pulling out into a very small lead, with almost 54K already counted for the week. Rascal Flatts are currently in second with 44K, and Day26 are right now in the #3 position with almost 42K. Anyway you look at it, Day26 is looking at a Top 5 debut, and given the sales climate and Diddy's penchant for ruining everything that's good about his family's material, I'd say this is a pretty big success already for them boys...

+ Candy Coated Chaos are gearing up for the official iTunes release of not one, not even two but THREE songs ("Utopia", "Masquerade" and "Taking Over the World") later this week. When it happens, you know I'll be ALL OVER IT! They also premiered two MORE new tracks recently: a vocoder-y uptempo tongue-in-cheek dance track dubbed "Ex Factor", and the cautionary slow jam "Little Devil." Both are very much worth listening to by YOUR set of ears.

+ The gospel recently reviewed Demi Lovato's gorgeous new single, "Don't Forget", and they see it just the way I do -- a transitional piece that helps people see her for the potential big voice she is. Heck, even John Mayer agrees that she's gonna be around for awhile. He tweeted her to tell her so.

+ A new track by Nikki Flores has been making the blog rounds, and it's very good. It's called "Lights Out". When I first head she had finally ditched Epic Records (who have stalled long enough in putting out her debut album) in favor of signing with Ryan Tedder's (OneRepublic) new label imprint, a small part of me feared they would attempt to sell Ms. Flores out in order to compete in this new Rihanna-ized urban meets pop solo chick market. I was very pleased to discover that this is the same old Nikki I know and love, and I continue to have high hopes for her record...which now that she's signed to a label who are more willing to make her the priority that she is, we may actually see this decade! :)

+ And the reason for title of this article: somehow while I was sleeping or something, my girls in Red Blooded Women have pulled a Sugababes and tossed out a member and grabbed a new one. See their profile pic below:

When did this happen? For those of you who are curious, Carly is no longer a member of my favorite British trio, and instead, we now have Katie (the middle). Best of luck to RBW and doesn't appear by the girl's MySpace posts (which announced the lineup change with "Girlband Cliche Alert") that there was any bad blood (excuse the bad pun...if you even catch it),'s to hoping everyone left amicably.

However, this hasn't deterred the ladies RBW from the release of their effing incredible cover of Depeche-Freakin'-Mode's "Enjoy the Silence", which officially went to iTunes yesterday. GO BUY IT! I bought it this morning and haven't stopped listening to it since! :)


John said...

Congrats on the honor! You definitely are one of my favorites.

Poster Girl said...

Congratulations! Very well-deserved.

The CCC information is good news which will have me running to iTunes, for sure...though I'll be doing that today for RBW!

I wasn't aware of Nikki's new song...I'll have to go look it up.

Myfizzypop said...

oh CCC needs to happen very soon. they are all sorts of amazing. And RBW - ditto. Though it's more atomic kitten than sugababes to replace people in the band before you are famous :P

Amy Platon said...

Ey girl, you need some music on this blog! It's the perfect place for it. found u on BOTD. if you want to add music, it's easy to do (and free) can go through the link on my blog to check out how I did it. Click on the music icon on the sidebar at

Mel said...

John - Thanks! That means a lot coming from you!

Poster Girl - Thanks! I cannot wait for CCC - it's not even like they chose awesome songs to release -- all of their songs are good, so getting to actually have full real copies of them is very exciting! And I found the Nikki song at Pop+Nation...if that helps.

Paul - Ditto! And touche my friend on the Atomic Kitten comment. Very true.

Amy - Thanks! I'll look into it for sure...

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