Monday, March 30, 2009

Mariah's Vision of Love

This past Friday, March 27th, Ms. Mariah Carey turned 39 years young. Her illustrious career in the pop & R&B music market has changed lives forever -- especially mine. Whether you love Mariah or hate her, you have to admit. Girlfriend could work a tune, could hit those high notes, and could write lyrics that could tap and twang your heart strings.

I'm not talking about the "Shake it Off"s or the "Heartbreaker"s, and especially not the "Touch My Body"s. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the E=MC2 album, and I know I'm not alone in that regard. But at the end of the day -- Mariah's story will be forever entwined with my life history. Her Musicbox album was among the first in my collection. Her voice made me long to have those same pipes. Without Mariah, 99.999% of the pop and R&B princesses of today would not be who they are, would not make the music they have made.

Therefore -- Happy Belated Birthday, Ms. Mariah! Below are my three absolute, hands down, favorite Mariah songs. What are yours?

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Myfizzypop said...

ah i like Pariah. In the 90s i worshipped the ground she walked on, but then either her music tastes changed or mine did because i was less interested in the 00s. Still like her though, just less fervent in my passion for her. Vision of Love is amazing, as is So Cold, There's Got To Be A Way and All In Your Mind. However one of my fave songs by anyone in the 90s was the perfect pop tune Always Be My Baby. Lovely.

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