Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Future of Music

Posts will continue tomorrow, I promise. Tonight I will be attending an industry event featuring Hollywood Undead. I know they aren't pop (in the slightest really) but if I get quality pics, I'll post them.

While you wait, here's a super interesting article posted this past Sunday by the Washington Post regarding the future of the music business, written by Michael Arrington.


"I had a surprisingly candid lunch conversation last week with a big music label executive, and a good part of our talk focused on the future of music. I asked the usual question: Why are you guys so damned clueless? Your business is disintegrating before your eyes, and all you do is go for short term cash gains (lawsuits, mafia-style collection rackets from venture backed music startups, etc.). The long term costs are horrendous - an entire generation or two of young music lovers feel no remorse at outright stealing music. Particularly since most online streaming is now free, it's hard to understand why downloading or sharing songs should be a crime.

His response: It's all part of a master plan..."

Read the full article here.

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